Josh’s Dodgeball Moment, Boom Shaka Shaka Boom & Mo’: Down to Eight

I can hear it in my mind’s ear, the joyous cacaphony over at Big Blue Country after last night’s BIG W over top-seeded Ohio State. Reviewing the big plays. High fiving the fellow faithful.

And retelling over and over again the moment that should have signaled to Brutus Buckeye that it was Game On! Actually, Game Over!

Senior stalwart Josh Harrellson and frosh phenom — The Next Big Thing?: — Jared Sullinger tussling for a rebound. Harrellson corralling the ball as he’s falling out of bounds (pushed out of bounds?). The unsung Wildcat turning and hurling the rock off Sullinger’s chest to save the possession.

Wilkommen to the Big Leagues, Sullen Sullinger.

I’ve never attended a Thad Matta practice, but my advice is he institute this drill.

Brandon Knight’s game winner notwithstanding, Harrelson’s Hurl was the signature moment of UK’s first ever NCAA win over Ohio State. Which is not to denigrate Knight’s gamer status. The guy has hit two game winners in 3 tourney games.

I had a feeling yesterday the Cats could do it (check out previous blog), and so did Kenny Smith and Sir Charles.

The Buckeyes simply weren’t as tough. Nor as ready.

They certainly weren’t going to wear down the Cats. Check out the box score. Matta’s bench is thinner than a Versace model on a Paris runway. Five guys played all but 8 of the 200 total minutes. Grab your shorts, and pass the oxygen.

Kentucky got 37 minutes off the bench, 34 of which were magnifico from DeAndre Liggins. He had 15 points, 6 boards, 3 of UK’s 11 blocked shots. And, like every one of the Cats played lock down D.

This was a great win.

This was not an upset. If these teams played ten times, I’d say the Cats win six. At least.

Next stop: Tobacco Road.

* * * * *

Not quite as lost after last night as it has been in the wake of the flavor of the month buzz for Brad Steverns — well deserved, mind you — is admiration for Shaka Smart.

The game winning play he drew up for a lay up winner against Florida State was easily as astute as the one Stevens concocted when Butler beat Pitt.

So Virginia Commonwealth shall compete for a spot in the Final Four against Kansas. Who among us is unwilling to admit that Rock Chalk Jayhawk could toss in a clunker when a W appears a foregone conclusion?

* * * * *

Speaking of buzz, how about the antidote: Buzz Kill.

Buzz Williams luster looks a little tarnished today after the woeful performance by Marquette last night.

I’m advised a Bench Warrant has been issued for the Golden Eagles for failure to appear. Worst Sweet 16 performance since that clunker Arizona threw in against U of L a couple seasons back.

* * * * *

As is most often the case, despite our obsession with how many conferences get how many bids, it usually evens out by Final Four time. (Except, of course, for that year when the BEast had 3 of 4 at Rupp.)

The SEC has a pair still alive. Plus one each from the ACC, Big East, PAC 10, Big 12, Colonial Athletic and Horizon.

That’s the yin and yang of it, folks.

– Seedy K

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  1. Patrick Whelan
    Posted March 26, 2011 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

    Chuck I was just on the phone with a good friend and just said if this years uofl team was in the same game with the same set of circumstances on the line it would have been impossible to not cheer for the cards.

    Go Big Blue!

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