Grassy Knoll Revisited: Basketballmanac ’11, Friday Edition

Attention All Conspiracy Theorists. Final thoughts on that absurd ending to the St. John’s/ Rutgers tilt. Honest. No more after this.

A loyal reader has sent along this bit of info he received from an Ohio State Buckeye fan. (Not that such affinity makes any difference whatsoever here.)

Seems the over/ under for betting purposes on that BEast tourney encounter was 128 1/2. Final score; 65-63. Total points (I’ll do the addition for you.): 128.

See where we’re going here. If the refs stop the clock, giving Rutgers a chance to score, or call a T, giving them some charity tosses, the whole deal has a chance to swing to the other side.

Frankly, I don’t think that had anything to do with the total blankout brain lock of Burr, Higgins and Walton. But I daresay there’s no unanimity in my beliefs.

Now, about that whole Ruby/ Oswald, New Orleans, mafioso connection in ’63 . . .

Appreciating Good Hoops. When I watch as much hoops as I have this week, I recognize how good we have it around here. We’ll harp on The Rick or Coach Cal or Peyton Siva for failing to hit Kyle Kuric when he’s open in the corner, or Terrence Jones for not passing out of the double team.

But the level of play and coaching here is way superior to most everywhere else. There are simply a lot of dunderheaded plays. And questionable strategy.

Okie State doesn’t get a decent shot off with 20 seconds to beat Kansas. Same for Northwestern against Ohio State. Georgia self destructs against Bama with a tourney nod in doubt. Some coaches, some players, get it done. A lot don’t. We are fortunate that we have more of the former than most.

Not that we have cornered the market on all that good stuff, but we are the lucky ones.

Crimson & Crean. I know it was bad at IU when Tommy Scowlface arrived to save all that was rotten along the Banks of the Wabash.

And I know that coaches need time to install their system, get their own players, retool, etc, etc. You know, the ol’ remember what Coach K’s three year record was, blah, blah, blah.

That said . . . haven’t the Not So Hurryin’ Hoosiers lost 20 for three years in a row now?

Is this Zeller kid really the second coming of Don Schlundt? (You youngsters who don’t who I’m talking about, look him up. Hoosier high school star, big scorer, led IU to a national title . . . in 1953.)

I’m sure Crean will get at least another year. But I know more than a few IU fans who are looking for some REAL¬†improvement.

Sir Charles Rules. I’ve not seen the exact quote, but apparently the imperious Billy Packer — How can miss him if he won’t go totally away? — criticized Barkley and the TBS crew, who will be commenting on the upcoming Dance, because they don’t know enough about the game.

Apparently Barkley told Packer “to shut up.”

– Seedy K

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