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ESPN vs. C-USA: Who Ya Got?

In its corner, Conference USA has ferocious Tigers and Cougars and wild Mustangs and Pirates, if not the Somalian kind. Plus the velocity of a Hurricane, and the tsunami force of a Green Wave. And Owls with eyes and Eagles to soar. The question though is whether the middling college athletic confederacy has enough lawyers […]

Cats Growl, Jayhawks Grumble, Low Seeds Sprout: Down to 4

If you add up the seeding numbers of this year’s Final Four — as legit a way as any to determine if this is the least expected quartet ever — the tally is (3+4+8+11) 26. In 2000, it was 22. In 1980 it was 21. In 2006, the number was 20. Which determines that, in […]

Bellarmine Knights Complete Crusade, 71-68

Here is what are not necessary to win a national basketball championship. Style Points. There is no Russian Judge to please. It’s not figure skating. There is no hip hop Judge to please. It’s not a dunk contest. All that matters is that you stalwartly win your way a game at a time through the […]

Josh’s Dodgeball Moment, Boom Shaka Shaka Boom & Mo’: Down to Eight

I can hear it in my mind’s ear, the joyous cacaphony over at Big Blue Country after last night’s BIG W over top-seeded Ohio State. Reviewing the big plays. High fiving the fellow faithful. And retelling over and over again the moment that should have signaled to Brutus Buckeye that it was Game On! Actually, […]

Duke Schadenfreude, Apologies to Sir Chaz & Other Tourney Notes

I love those cable TV shows, usually called something like “How It’s Made.” They go through, step by step, and show how, say, a Swiss Army Knife is made. Or airplane tires. Or a whistle. Well, watching Arizona eviscerate Duke last night was like watching one of those shows explain how hamburger is made. From […]

Bellarmine Knights’ Crusade Lands At Final Spot

This is where the final chapter is writ. Springfield, Mass. Home of the Basketball Hall of Fame. Springfield, Mass. Where James Naismith, looking for a new form of indoor exercise, hung a couple peach baskets on the overhang at each end of a gymnasium floor, inventing a game that became our passion. Springfield, Mass. Where […]

All Hail The Digger Factor

Digger Phelps. The guy is insufferable, right? His claim to fame, such as it is, he coached the one school in the land more divisive than Duke. Notre Dame. You either love ‘em. Or hate ‘em. Nobody sits in between. While there, he had that one BIG W over UCLA. Big Whoop. For punctuation, on […]

Bellarmine’s Knights Remain Inexorable

Inexorable — “impossible to stop or prevent.” Once again Bellarmine trotted to the locker room at the break down 2. This time to Midwestern State, fresh off three Ws in a row over ranked teams, which had zoomed off to a 10-2 advantage at the start. The Mustangs kept Scotty Davenport’s team at bay in […]

Derby City Smackdown: Best in Town: Scotty, Jeff or The Rick

In the wake of Louisville’s meltdown against Morehead State, the women’s team’s stunning upset of #5 Xavier on the Lady Musketeers’ home court, and Bellarmine’s continuing quest for a Division II title, the question has to be asked. Who is the best basketball coach in Louisville? The more appropriate process might be to forget the […]

Knowles Syndrome, Zebras in the Spotlight: Basketballmanac, 1st Weekend Review

Preston Knowles sadly ended his career, injured, watching from the bench as his Cards folded against Morehead State. How were he and we to know his inopportune blunder from a few weeks prior would foretell the ending of the most cockamamie game in the tourney’s storied history? Turn the dial just a smidge on the […]