Monthly Archives: February 2011

Louisville Card File: Syracuse

Chatting up Mike Waters of Syracuse Post-Standard before the game, the Orange beat scribe called Boeheim’s team “schizzy.” I’ll say. Early on, the visitors took the lead with a 6-0 run. Then gave it up as U of L tallied 10 in a row. Which Cardinal jaunt extended to 21-4 for a 40-30 halftime advantage. […]

Louisville Card File: Notre Dame

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know that there’s lots to say about the L last night to the Irish. Had the game ended in a regulation on, say, a last second shot by Notre Dame, it would have disappointing. But not as deflating, I don’t think. As it played out, it was a coulda, woulda, perhaps even shoulda […]

Bad Seats, Flubbed Lines, Hoop dee Hoop and Mo’ Mo Mo: Monday Afternoon QB/PG

Can we please talk about the Super Bowl without mentioning: A) Christina’s bungled Banner (Star Spangled), B) The word “commercial,”C) Brett Whatisname Who Lives In Hattiesburg, D) Those folks who bought seats in the JerryDome they couldn’t sit in, and E) The halftime show? No, apparently we cannot. But that’s all you’re going to hear […]

Louisville Card File: DePaul

My operative mind set about last night’s narrow W. Survive and advance. And so the Cards have. * * * * * When Siva, Van Treese, Jennings, Marra and Smith (Chris) walked out for the opening tip, here’s what I wrote in my notes: “4 starters out. Dieng. Knowles. Buckles. Swopshire. Which gives me some […]

Cards Crippled, Hoosiers Happy & Dawson Demurs: The Thursday Show

Preston Knowles has a pulled hammy. Imagine my surprise. I’ve said it before and I’ll reiterate. Injuries such as those suffered by Rak Buckles and Gorgui Dieng are just dumb bad luck. The epidemic of leg and groin injuries suffered by Louisville Cardinals during the Pitino Era has to be more than coincidence. Overworked, tired […]

Louisville’s Charlie Strong Talks: “We’re a BCS School”

That’s what the Louisville coach said in response to an observation that U of L seemed to be competing almost equally on the recruiting trail for the first time against the Floridas and Miamis of the college football world. “You have to recruit players of stature,” he added. In that context, he mentioned Denny Crum […]

Live From Football Complex: National Signing Day

2:40 pm. Having watched the U of L women’s team meltdown last night at the Yum!, I’m aware just how different their crowd is from those who watch the men’s team. Neither of which is the same as those who attend pigskin battles at Papa J’s. The most unique contingent will probably be the gathering […]

Louisville Card File: Georgetown

Silly me. The Cards lost, didn’t play so good, but had a chance to win which didn’t pan out. So I wasn’t feeling so awfully bummed after the game. The old saw: If before the road trip to UConn and G-town, you’d have taken a split, you can’t be disappointed with a split. So I […]