Jimmer, Johnnies & Jacob: Basketballmanac ’11 (2/27 Edition)

Only Two Weeks > Selection Sunday.

Jimmer Jams Aztecs Again. There’s that old school part of who saw Pistol Pete play in person, who doesn’t want to consider this Fredette kid to be Maravich’s equal. Which is what some folks are sayin’.

And he isn’t.

But, all the hype and hoopla aside, this BYU Cougar is the Real Deal. When he dribble stops and fires those treys, it’s like radar to the hoop. He drives with abandon, and, more important, confidence. Which b-ball skills open up the rest of his steady teammates. Yesterday the boys from LDS (A new euphemism now in vogue for Mormons) tallied 14/24 from beyond the arc.

Should BYU be a #1 seed? I dunno. But they’re in the discussion.

Also worthy of consideration is just how good is San Diego State? Plenty, I think. But how will the Johnnies Come Lately play on the big stage?

Speaking of Johnnies . . .

. . . Whatup wit St. John’s? Is this the same group of ballers, plundered by a not that close 25 at the hands of the Cards?

The Redmen’s 6 game W streak notwithstanding, this may be the nation’s most schizzy contingent. After that U of L debacle, they lost to Cincy, then by 25 to the Hoyas. Then they crushed the Dookies by 15.

Go figure.

Maybe their meds have kicked in and their personality has steadied. Maybe this league they’re in is more about parity than quality.

Whatever. Coach Slickback and his sidekick, Coach Combover, are gittin’ ‘er done. In the Garden. And on the road.

Speaking of Manhattan . . .

. . . Can Jacob Lead K-State Back to the Promised Land. Jacob Pullen, he with the beard of biblical mean, tallied 24 yesterday to lead his Wildcats to a gray-out day W over ranked Mizzou. Frank Martin’s charges have captured 6 of their last 7 in the tough Big 12.

Overranked to start the year, and underwhelming when they began 1-4 in the league, they’ve persevered.

And we know what good senior leadership at guard means come Dance Time.

Cats Bounce Back. UK honored Coach Cal yesterday for his 458th collegiate career W.

How odd.

The BBN does have significant reason to celebrate today. Yesterday’s effort against the Gators was their best of the season. That turnover total was minuscule. And Darius Miller played like #1.

Sigh. They still only got 9 minutes out players 7-9 off the bench.

But I think they’re going to win at least one game their not supposed to in the NCAAs. Unless the ruling body penalizes them for Excessive Celebration.

14 Days and Counting . . .

– Seedy K


  1. gnash001
    Posted February 27, 2011 at 8:11 pm | Permalink

    Can’t wait to see your comments about the U of L cheerleaders at the Pitt game.

  2. cbcard
    Posted February 27, 2011 at 11:08 pm | Permalink

    Regarding Cal and the negative 42:
    UK has asked the NCAA for guidance in stating how many wins Cal has.

    Given that the NCAA says “vacated” these games never happened. If they maintain any sort of consistency (yes, I know “NCAA” and “consistency” don’t belong in the same paragraph) they have to say 458, not 500. How can they count for a coach and not the school?

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