Spare Parts, Entangling Alliances, Tiger Trauma & More: TGIF

Calling The Wolf. Remember Harvey Keitel’s character in “Pulp Fiction?”

The Wolf.

Well, anyway, he’s the guy on call to clean up any untidy messes which need immediate attention. My suggestion to John Calipari: Get The Wolf on the line.


I was going to write that the Cats need spare parts. Their legs were leaden at the end of the Arkansas game. With Lamb in the dog house, UK’s rotation is, well, no rotation at all.

Looking for one of Kentucky’s famed monikers for this club. How about Fatigued Five?

The Wolf might not be able to fix Jon Hood or Stacey Poole or Doron Lamb’s D. But, my guess, a few minutes alone in a small room over at Memorial Coliseum and the Cats would be ready to man up.

One might be inclined to opine that this is what happens when you have a revolving door recruiting strategy, and you pin your hopes on a pro from Turkey, but, hey, I’m not gonna go there.

Let’s Give A Cheer For ???? I got a missive from reader Hoya Paranoia. It was a link to a Washington Post article revealing Georgetown’s plan to thwart Syracuse fans from getting tickets to this weekend’s game in D.C.

Smart move.

Which, of course, got me scurrying to the BEast’s ever evolving standings to see what outcome would aid my Cardinals the most.

Go Orange. U of L holds the tiebreaker with Boeheim’s Bunch, but not with the Hoyas, having lost in Washington.

Which then got me to wondering if there was anyway a brain this side of Watson could discern who else Louisville fans should be rooting for in the next round of battles.

Obviously a W over Pitt on Sunday in the Yum! would be kisses sweeter than wine.

South Florida @ DePaul. Nobody besides Joey Meyer could give a big whoop about this one. Cheer for whomever you want.

St. John’s @ Nova. Let’s hope Jay Wright’s lox men go down. U of L holds the tiebreaker with surging St. J’s.

Seton Hall @ Notre Dame. It’s time for Kevin Willard to show his papa and mentor some respect and love with an upset under the gaze of Treyball Jesus.

UConn @ Cincy. Go Huskies. It’s that tiebreaker thingie again.

West Virginia @ Rutgers. Let’s hope the Mountaineers get wrecked on the rack at the RAC. (Okay, not so cute, but work with me here.)

Providence @ Marquette. Go Friar Tuck and Friends.

None of those outcomes would advance U of L’s 3d place status in the league, but it would give them some cushion, should they slip along the way. Pitt is daunting. And the trip to Huggie Bear Country is not a visit to Almost Heaven.

Knight Time is the Right Time. Scotty Davenport’s Bellarmine squad opens it’s quest for post season glory tomorrow on Norris Place. The GLVC tourney opening rounder against Rockhurst tips at 7:00.

A conference tourney championship would more than likely secure a host spot in the upcoming NCAA tourney.

Crimson & Crean. It’s not exactly crimson and clover over and over in Bloomington. One supposes Coach Scowl has the Hurryin’ Hoosiers on the right track.

One must also wonder how patient the loyal fans along the Wabash will be?

I know it was a major overhaul. But still. I know I’m not the only guy who thought Indiana would be more relevant by now.

Diva’s ‘R’ Us. The most exhilarating moment in this week’s sports pages came when reading about the opening round of this match play tourney.

The 19th hole defeat of he who was formerly a messiah was relegated to the fourth or fifth paragraph. Need I say his name? No. Need I refer to him capitalized? No.

How about a similar fate for not so mellow Melo, who proved 1) the diva’s left Denver, and 2) NBA ballers are the most spoiled in sports.

We’re So Hurtt. Not only can Clint Hurtt recruit, but he can coach like a mo’ fo’.

And he’s a funny, engaging guy.

And he’s staying a Cardinal for at least another year . . . or, until some school makes him an offer he can’t refuse. (Though there is this truth to college sports. Nobody’s gonna outbid U of L. What Tom Jurich wants, Tom Jurich gets.)

So, while the following has only the vaguest possible connection to Clint Hurtt, or even sports in any regard, I’m going with it anyway. One of the great voices in the history of pop music, Timi Yuro, singing “I’m So Hurt(t).”

– Seedy K


  1. Wildcat
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 5:41 pm | Permalink

    The great Timi,aka known as “The Lost Voice.” Lord, the pipes she had. Listen to her do “Only You.” It seriously rivals the Platters.. I just don’t know how anyone can listen to “Hurt” and not be seriously moved. Kudos to the Maven whose taste in music should seldom be questioned. Not much connection to the article, but exposing Timi to someone unfamiliar with her is a wonderful public service.

  2. Wildcat
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 8:37 pm | Permalink

    I was inspired by Seedy K’s post about Timi that I went on YouTube and played her version of “Cry.” It borders on is simply breathtaking. She was from an Italian neighborhood in New York and for my money one of the great talents of our time.

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