Louisville Card File: Georgetown

Silly me.

The Cards lost, didn’t play so good, but had a chance to win which didn’t pan out.

So I wasn’t feeling so awfully bummed after the game. The old saw: If before the road trip to UConn and G-town, you’d have taken a split, you can’t be disappointed with a split.

So I was down, but hardly in the mood to beat the dog after the final buzzer.

Then I read what The Rick said. “Good is the enemy of great.” Or something like that. So, now I’m confused.

* * * * *

Truth: Louisville played a less than exemplary brand of college basketball last night. They looked frazzled and road weary.

They committed 18 turnovers. Most of those were in the first half, including 7 of Peyton Siva’s 8. Ouch. Not such a sterling performance in front of dad who was in the stands, wearing a Cardinal jersey.

Fortunately, Georgetown wasn’t clicking so well either.

At the half: Hoya Paranoia 22, U of L 18.

A manageable defecit. Then the Washingtonians ran it out to an 11 point advantage.

Then Louisville woke up.

But not all the way.

Coulda woulda shoulda.

* * * * *

So, let’s see. This overachieving, undermanned band of Cards lost a close conference game on the road to a Top 20 team on the last day of January.

This is not a reason to contemplate hara-kiri. Nor any other other self destructive act.

So I shan’t.

And, while I hang on every single pontification of The Rick, otherwise know as He Who Always Speaks The Truth, I believe sometime good, if not totally sufficient, is acceptable.

* * * * *

The Cards three stunning come-from-behinders notwithstanding, this remains a flawed edition of the Cards, with the capacity to fall apart during any given game. That more often than not they have not done so this season is a testament to their guttiness and the work of HWASTT.

* * * * *

So I just went over the stats again to see if there’s something of note to mention?

The Cards had 14 offensive boards, including three on one possession late that ended with 2 Siva FTs. They won the battle of the boards.

The Cards hit most of their FTs. Two key misses near the end by Kyle Kuric would have given U of L some breathing room. But, it happens. HWASTT is right about that.

Other than that, it was simply a disappointing, but all too typical, night on the road in the BEast.

Ob la di, ob la da.

* * * * *

Next: DePaul.

Now this is a game where an L would be absolutely totally without a doubt unacceptable.

But the visit by the Blue Demons does bring to mind this vexing query: Why on earth would Oliver Purnell leave Clemson to take the DePaul job?

– Seedy K

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