Monthly Archives: January 2011

Louisville Card File: Marquette

I’ve just watched — Thank you — the last six minutes of Louisville’s improbable, incredible, unbelievable comeback 71-70 W over Marquette. It actually happened. I’ve now seen it live and on TV. I meanĀ  . . . really. * * * * * I’ve attended just about every home game U of L has […]

Louisville Card File: Marquette (First Draft)

It was the worst of times. It was the best of times. It is Saturday night and I remain stunned at what I observed this morning and early afternoon at the Yum! I am conflicted. If a Louisville team has ever been Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, this is the one. Which is the real […]

Thursday Knight Time is the Right Time

The word is getting out that there’s some mighty fine b-ball being played at Knight’s Hall. Heck, I arrived 20 minutes before tipoff and was forced to park a few hundred feet down Alfresco Place. Geesh, you’d think it was Ring Road or something. * * * * * Before the tilt against fellow GLVC […]

Louisville Card File: Villanova

Louisville Cardinals meet your 2010-11 season. All the issues with which this current squad is plagued were manifest last night in Philly. * * * * * So, it is not surprising that The Rick cleverly separated himself from the team in some of his post game comments. “And it’s a great lesson on how […]

Quack Smacked: War Eagles Fowlest of Them All

Given that I’m an Oregon Ducks fan, I’m working my way this morning through the five stages of grief. I do believe the best team won. I’ve thought Auburn was the better squad since the matchup was announced. Don’t believe me, check with Joey the Vig. If he’ll talk to you, he’ll advise that I […]

Louisville Card File: South Florida

Given my oft stated postulation that all conference road games are tough, even if playing the likes of DePaul or Auburn, and that a road loss in league play is rarely an upset, I willingly acknowledge the flip side. Louisville’s W against an underwhelming South Florida squad is a most worthy accomplishment. Given that the […]

Blue Saturday: Rants From The Recliner

Whodathought my sweetie would have followed my advice to the letter? This morning, when discussing the day, I advised her of my intentions to park in my recliner, clicker in hand, beverages and snacks within reach, and nurture my inner Coach Potato. When I just called, inquiring as to her whereabouts, she advised, rather defiantly […]

Knight Report: Bellarmine Slays Another Conference Foe

With 2:30 to play, Bellarmine held a precarious 76-75 lead over Drury, who, like the Knights, were picked to win their Division of the GLVC, the NCAA Div II’s toughest league. Down 7 at the half, 311-38, the Norris Placers had tied it at 41 on an old fashioned three point play by Justin Benedetti. […]

Louisville Card File: Seton Hall

Before we get to the Cards, an observation about the Pirates. Actually about Coach Kevin Willard. Watching his woeful, injury-depleted squad, a team still trying to shake the bad karma from the reign of Bobby Gonzalez, I kept thinking of Anthony Grant. The former future coaching superstar was a long time assistant to Billy Donovan, […]

Hump Day Sports Blather

Here’s one thing you don’t ever have to worry about hearing here: A discouraging word about Jeanine Edwards. Joining Ron Franklin and Billy Clyde Gillispie in the trash heap is not one of my New Year’s resolutions. By the by, has Gillispie, not so long ago one of the sure thing future superstars of college […]