Cutler Blunders, Pack is Back + Hoops: MMQB/PG

Skier Lindsey Vonn was suffering from a seriously strained left knee yesterday. Injured during Saturday’s Downhill, it was blown up like a beach ball. She was in “solid pain.”

But, Lindsey Vonn sucked it up, and went out and won the Super-G against her arch rival Maria Riesch at Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy.

Green Bay’s precocious rookie center Maurkice Pouncey suffered a severe ankle injury during the first half of yesterday’s NFC title game.

During the second half, there he was in street clothes with crutches, cheering on his teammates, imploring them to hold on for a trip to the Super Bowl.

Bears QB Jay Cutler hurt his knee on either the last series of the first half of the same game, or the series before.

He spent the second half of the game, sullen and morose, sitting on the bench. There wasn’t one camera shot of him that showed him talking to any teammate, encouraging any teammate or engaged in the action in any manner whatsoever. He looked like a guy, bored at a family dinner at his Aunt Martha’s house, waiting to get away and hit the bars.

I must assume Cutler was indeed injured enough not to reenter the game. That said, were I the Bears GM, I’d dump him this morning. He displayed zero leadership after his injury. He scored 11 on the Petulance Scale.

Jay Butler proved himself about as real as Santa Claus. Perhaps next playoff season, he’ll be in red, working at a mall near you.

* * * * *

In the other battle, all I wanted was a good game. It did get exciting at the end, after the Steelers took charge, 24 zed.

The Jets couldn’t punch it in at the end of that interminable, but stalwart 17 play drive. The safety they tallied on the next play was fool’s gold. NY was never going to tally two more TDs.

It’s hard to win three games in a row on the road during the playoffs. It’s hard to win at Heinz Field twice in a row. The Jets weren’t quite up to the task. Given their effort, they have nothing to be ashamed of.

I’m looking for them to have some home field advantage next season.

* * * * *

Packers vs. Steelers at the JerryDome (Cowboy Stadium) for the Super Bowl.

The NFL’s Holy Trinity rules.

I’m surprised Green Bay is the early favorite. Guess I’ll check in with Joey the Vig to see what’s the deal?

* * * * *

Were I to go out on a limb with my Final Four picks this morning — which, I guess, I am — I’d go for sure with Ohio State, because I love veteran teams with scary frosh centers, and Duke, because, well, damn it, that K guy knows how to get his teams there when they’ve got enough playahs.

Kansas is great but there’s something about Josh Selby that translates to tourney meltdown to me. Incredible talent. Bad karma.

I’d love to see Pitt represent the BEast, but Jamie Dixon hasn’t shown the wherewithal to get over that hump.

San Diego State is going to melt in the bright lights.

So, who does that leave?

Syracuse? Not convinced.

UConn? Maybe . . . but . . . too one dimensional.

UK? Too young. Too thin. With a postal coach who is displaying signs of losing self control.

I say the other two teams come from this pool: Texas, Missouri, Brigham Young, Purdue and the team never to be discounted at tournament time — nevah evah — Michigan State. Dark horse: Illinois.

* * * * *

Where does that leave Louisville?

Ask me again in a week. Or two.

* * * * *

I haven’t weighed in on that which is now so yesterday’s tweets: Coach Cal’s meltdown.

One guy’s opinion is that he’s way wackier on the sidelines this season than in the past. Feeling that infamous Big Blue Pressure, are ya, Johnny Boy?

So he went mo fo on Terrence Jones. No biggie. I’d offer that it happens thousands of times a day in college sports. He’s just lucky it wasn’t Jeanine Edwards on the receiving end of his tongue lashing.

Eric Crawford made a good point the other night when we were chatting during a U of L game. The last time Calipari lost more than four games in a season was the ’05-’05 season. That’s the year Darius Washington choked at the free throw line against the Cards in the C-USA tourney final. Memphis State lost early in the NIT.

So, one guy’s surmisal, Coach Cal is feeling some heat. Even though his young, thin Cats have only lost four games.

* * * * *

Question du jour: How long is Tom Crean’s leash?

– Seedy K


  1. fred
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 11:35 am | Permalink

    A lot shorter than a) Bobby Knight’s was and b) what Tom thought it would be. Outside of Kentucky and the Carolina’s, there is no more hoops crazed a state than Hoosierland. My peeps ’round Bloomington and Indy are losing patience. Fact is, Tom Crean hasn’t done much since Dwayne Wade was flyin’ with the Golden Eagles.

  2. fred
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    There are two guys I watched over the weekend I would not want on my team: Jay Cutler and Marshon Brooks. It turns out Cutler has a torn MCL. OK he was hurt but let’s sit that aside. My image is of Cutler sitting on that bench with that bored look on his face with the third string QB they came down to sitting nexct to him and leafing throught the playbook. Did Culter lean in and ask if he could help.I didn’t see it. Did he have anything for anyone else but himself? Marshon Brooks at Providence has a nice jump shot. But he hangs his head does his best Samardo Samuels when he doesn’t get the ball. I watched him off the ball Sat and he does NOTHING. He complains about everything and is on his teammates when they don’t get him the ball when he demands it. I wouldn’t have either of them in my locker room.

  3. Knightline
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 7:53 pm | Permalink

    Seedy, you might want to check this out. One of the best sports pieces I’ve read in a long time.

    Mr. Reed is quite fond of Scotty’s boys, and rightfully so. It’s really a testament to the job Davenport has done at BU that an esteemed writer like Reed, who has covered seemingly every major sporting event imaginable, is so caught up on Division II basketball.

    If anyone reading this hasn’t made it to Knights Hall, shame on you. It is truly Louisville’s hidden gem, or gym.

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