Wednesday’s Whimpers: My Own Wintry Mix

Who was it the other day who used Anthony Grant as an example of a coach making a questionable “upward” move?

Oh yeah, c’est moi.

Well, the ‘Bama hoops mentor, after last night’s stunner over UK, is on top of those Alabama sports pages today. Unless, of course, Nick Saban had some recruits at the game last night. First things first, ya know.

Be that as it may, they call Alabama, the Crimson Tide. And UK woke up in Tuscaloosa with the Deacon Blues again.

* * * * *

And what have we learned in the past week, my fellow hoopaholics?

All comebacks are not created equal.

I keep thinking about that U of L recovery on Saturday. Marquette did all they could to hand the game to U of L. But the Cards still had to grab it by the short and curlies and bring home the bacon. Which they did.

The Cats made a valiant comeback last night.

In the same manner as Louisville, which is to say they increased their intensity, started playing defense and made their shots. But — sigh — UK didn’t close the deal. It’s always harder on foreign hardwood. Could it have been that Coach Cal was doing his frothing at the mouth McMurphy railing at Nurse Rathed routine down the stretch . . . instead of having a steady, focused hand on the tiller? (To mix more than a few metaphors.)

* * * * *

Now that the Purple Prima Donna up Minnesota way is retired — and I don’t mean Prince — we are left with the tiring saga of Lance Be Armstrong.


Here’s a suggestion for the muckety mucks that run cycling. Let ‘em do drugs. Let ‘em blood let or whatever it is they do. Call in Theodoric of Yorick. If they’re all doing it, the road will be evenly paved.

I don’t care if a guy’s got a Hemi engine implanted next to his aorta, and a hep lock with a methamphetamine drip. Anybody who can race up Mont Ventoux is a jock of the highest order, no matter what he’s done to his system.

Which mention of cycling, and passing reference to the Tour de France, reminds me of the best animated film of the last couple decades. Which happens to be about cycling. Sort of.

* * * * *

Heard some marvelous innuendo the other day when I was talking with a group of U of L fans who would be simply beside themselves with joy, should The Rick decide to move on.

One of the fellows has apparently chatted with Thad Matta’s brother (or brother in law). Who told my guy that Matta would leave Ohio State in a NY minute to take the Louisville job, were it to open up.

Which I found reasonably interesting. And suitably salacious enough to pass along here. For gossipular purposes only, you understand.

* * * * *

For whyever, I’m looking forward to Sunday’s AFC and NFC title battles more than I have in years.

Da Bears vs. Packers on the frozen tundra of Soldier Field. That, my fellow pigskinophiles, is Football.

* * * * *

Is Carmelo Anthony the new purple guy from Minnesota whose name isn’t Prince?

* * * * *

Cards vs. Johnnies tonight. Sweet. (Though my whisper counsel advises that Steve Lavin assistant Gene “Coach Combover” Keady won’t be in the house, because of some NC2A rule.) More’s the pity.

Knights vs. Norsemen tomorrow on Norris Place, snow or no snow, the school advises. Which is great, ’cause I can walk.

– Seedy K

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