Quack Smacked: War Eagles Fowlest of Them All

Given that I’m an Oregon Ducks fan, I’m working my way this morning through the five stages of grief.

I do believe the best team won. I’ve thought Auburn was the better squad since the matchup was announced. Don’t believe me, check with Joey the Vig. If he’ll talk to you, he’ll advise that I picked Auburn in his bowl pool.

The SEC guys are everything the Left Coasters are. Fast. And quick. Tough. Innovative on both sides of the ball. Focused. Plus Auburn is bigger. The southerners D line ate up the day glo guys on the other side of the ball. If Chip Kelly is THE innovator of college pigskin, Gus Malzahn is not far behind.

* * * * *

Not a lot of breaking down to do.

If Oregon didn’t crap out a couple of times in the red zone, they could have won.

If Auburn didn’t crap out a couple of times in the red zone, they could have won by more.

Them’s the breaks.

Auburn did control the proceedings. So, it’s to the Ducks credit that they were still in it until they got their break late.

* * * * *

What I’m referring to of course is the moment when Casey Mathews stripped the ball from the future defrocked Heisman winner, Cam Newton. Which turnover allowed the Quack to tie it up with a couple of minutes to play.

Which sterling defensive play caused me to contemplate this: Can you imagine what the backyard brawls were like in the Matthews household? Father Clay and fils are some tough ass mo fos. Frankly I can’t even imagine how many times mama was dressing wounds? I trust they own stock in Johnson & Johnson.

And, given my mind’s penchant for wandering to the oddest of places, I started thinking of the hoops equivalent of the Matthews clan. That would be Rick Barry and brood. Their driveway brouhahas are the stuff of legends.

So, I’m thinking TV series: Network Battle of the Smackdowns. Matthews Clan vs. Barry Clan. Bowling. Shuffleboard. Badminton. Cannonballs.

* * * * *

Loyal reader Smart Guy wrote me last night with this.

“I think it’s noteworthy that neither Herbstreit or Mussburger have criticized the field conditions. Horrible.”

In response to which, I mused, why in the hell would they install a whole new field after the Fiesta Bowl? Did Oklahoma and UConn chew it up that bad?

How many times have we see games played on new turf, where it not the playmaking becomes the story?

There were a few significant slips last night.

* * * * *

Am I the only stunned by the fact that there seemed to be more Oregon fans in the stands than those from Auburn?

At least it looked like that from the camera shots.

* * * * *

If anybody out there reading this watched the game in 3D, I’d love to know how it looked?

* * * * *

During the game, I kept wondering what would have happened with a playoff? TCU would have played Oregon in the semis, if the teams were seeded. I think the Horned Frogs would have won. And I think, sad to say, they would have been a tougher matchup for Auburn.

Then again, the War Eagles did only prevail on a final play field goal.

Just sayin’.

* * * * *

It is comforting to read, as I did this morning, that it’s more likely college football would return to the old harum scarum bowl system than to a playoff, once the BCS contract ends. At least, according to BCS honcho Bill Hancock.

So it goes.

And thus we bid a final adieu to another college pigskin season without a real champion.

– Seedy K

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