15 Hours til Tipoff: Cats vs. Cards on the Morrow

Because I cannot pretend to be objective about this encounter, in which my Red faves shall encounter arch rival UK, I have no intention of pretending this is some sort of in-depth analysis.

As if whatever I could add might be something you haven’t considered already with your pals.

* * * * *

I think Rakeem Buckles absence is huge. He’s U of L’s best rebounder. He’s been hitting his shots. He’s the same size and almost as agile as Terrence Jones.

Replacing Peyton Siva with Russ Smith instead of Elisha Justice worries me. Not having Mike Marra available does not add by subtraction.

* * * * *

I’m nervous about the game in a way that isn’t healthy. My stomach is churning. (It didn’t help that I ate garlic infused brussel sprouts for dinner.)

I’m ready to get to the arena. Not good. Tip isn’t for a long while.

This wasn’t the case last year. There wasn’t any way U of L was going to beat UK last season. No way. So, I watched the game with a reasonable calm, got fired up when the Cards pulled ahead in the second half, but returned to a relatively serene — if disappointed — state when sanity prevailed.

This season, the Wildcats’ five top players are far more talented than Louisville’s. But they’re young.

And Louisville is a lot better than last year. More cohesive as a squad. More intelligent as a team.

* * * * *

So people have been picking the Cards to win. At least they were until The Rick announced Buckles injury today.

I had a vision this afternoon while of running from the press seats over to where my sweetie and best pals will be sitting after the game to high five them in victory.

Despite that good feeling, I think UK wins.

I sure hope not.

And I’ve got the DVD set on record. And you can be sure, if Louisville does prevail, I’ll be watching again and listening to Gus Johnson’s call before we go out for New Year’s Eve.

– Seedy K

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