Rivalry Week: What It’s Like For The Real Fans

My preview of the UK/ U of L battle is now on the newsstands. And you can read it here.

The piece focuses on how the intensity of this type of intense rivalry game makes it difficult to discern the details. So rabid are we Cards and Cats fans that the experience during the game itself is almost always purely visceral.

Just last night a friend posted the video of the overtime of the Real Dream Game — Knoxville ’83 — and I was reminded of how that whole five minutes of play was a blur. Though my Cards ran away with it, they didn’t score for over a minute after getting the tip. Other than the steals and runouts, U of L played rather deliberately. All I remembered before first watching that video was the ebullience. And I trust any UK fans that might have watched — yes, there might be 1 or 2 — it was total deflation and depression.

That’s what happens during these games. We get lost in the swirl and whirl. Only later can we assess.

Anyway, take a look at the story.

I’ll have more contemplation of the tussle to come in the next couple of days. Not that I will have anything totally unique to add to the millions of conversations already circulating through the atmosphere of Rivalry Week.

– Seedy K

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