Louisville Card File: Western Kentucky

I know your question. And I’ve got the answer(s).

The 114 points U of L stamped on WKU tonight is far from the most the Cards have ever scored. That tally is 132 against George Mason in January ’94.

In fact, the Cards have scored more than 114 points in 14 of their previous 2,461 games.

Ah, but have they ever scored more points against a team on that team’s home court? (The 126 they laid on St. Peter’s in the Garden in Denny Crum’s first season doesn’t count. Neutral court.)

The answer is Yes, they have. And, arguably, no they haven’t.

On February 4, 1956, U of L beat Kentucky Wesleyan, 116-82. So technically, this is only Louisville’s second largest tally ever on an opponent’s home hardwood. But there’s an *. Wesleyan was not a Division I team.

Thus it is a legitimate argument that tonight’s 114 is the most U of L has ever scored against a major foe. (If the woeful Hilltoppers actually fit that descriptor.)

At any rate, despite the fact that WKU spit out the bit, Louisville’s performance was legitimately impressive.

* * * * *

Peyton Siva had far and away his best game ever as a Cardinal.

29 points, 8assists, 2 steals.

Chris Smith had far and away his best game ever as a Cardinal.

18 points, 6 rebounds (4 offensive), a steal, an assist and only 1 turnover.

Buckles had 15/6. Knowles, 15/4. Kuric, 10/5.

The Cards were 42/65 from the field. 64.6%. Glossy.

They went 16/30 from beyond the arc. 53.3%. Glossier.

The Toppers said, “Let’s run.” The Cards obliged.

Louisville played fast. With passion. They went on the floor for loose balls. It was everything you desire from your favorite team.

You shan’t hear a discouraging word about this U of L performance from me. (Heck, they played almost as well as Doron Lamb did this afternoon against Winthrop.)

* * * * *

That’s not the case with WBKI-TV, Fox College Sports and IMG, the gamecast’s producer.

Okay, I understand if there’s no HD. But the screen cut off on either side. Not all of the graphics were visible. The cameramen often didn’t even show a guard dribbling the ball.

It was worse than sophomoric. It was freshmanic. The station and the game’s production company should be ashamed.

Using radio announcers in a simulcast was cheap and bush league. That Randy Lee and Hal Schmidt were homers is to be expected. But, come on, this is supposed to be Big Time College Hoops.

I do love that Lee refers to the fat cat courtside accomodations as the “Gucci Seats.”

* * * * *

This leaves only a tilt with well-coached Morgan State left on Monday, before the Cards’ New Year’s Eve date with You Know Who.

– Seedy K

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