Hoopaholics Anonymous Wednesday: Huskies Roll, Cats Roll, NCAA Taking Haberdashers Roll

Hi, my name is Seedy K and I’m a hoopaholic.

The ever petulant Greg Doyel of cbs.com laid low Geno Auriemma and women’s college hoops with his latest screed.

The curmudgeon has a point. Essentially, since the UConn Huskies team is overloaded with Golden Arches AAs, they have hardly been tested on this monumental W streak of theirs. The average winning margin is something like 75 points.

I know, I know, the best players don’t always make the best teams, but still. This is ridiculous.

Even Pat Summit, the original Auriemma, has thrown in the towel, inferring that Geno is less than above board with his recruiting enticements.

The women’s college game is fun. Especially at places like U of L, which has a program that appears to be on the rise. Unless, of course, it ended with the Angel Era.

A little competition would be a good thing. The Golden Era of UCLA led to the Golden Era of Men’s College Hoops. It remains to be seen if the same happens on the distaff side. That is, if UConn ever loses again.

* * * * *

U of L reported today that Mike Marra is out 2-4 weeks with an ankle injury. This is in addition to Elisha Justice, who has joined the list of ever expanding list of concussion sufferers.

Is it my imagination, or have there been an inordinate number of player injuries during the Rick Pitino Era?

* * * * *

Imagine my surprise!

A couple of stars on Kansas State got some free clothes at a men’s store in Manhattan, Kansas.


U of L suffered a smack on the wrist from the NCAA for just the same transgression in the late 50s. I know personally the haberdasher across the river — no longer in business — who outfitted the Cards during the 70s and 80s.

This truly happens everywhere. Everywhere. Including in Bloomington, back when Bobby Clean Knight was coaching.


* * * * *

Watched most of the UK game this afternoon, during which they drew and quartered Winthrop.

They are way thin, but way talented.

Of course, I’m not thinking past their New Year’s Eve tussle with U of L. The Cats looked as if they’ve got a bit too much firepower for the Cards. Louisville fans can only hope they make so much noise in the Yum! — as they did during the Butler game — that the youngsters in blue get a might discombobulated.

Otherwise, I see Kentucky winning by 7-9 points.

Especially if Pitino’s troops suffer any more injuries.

– Seedy K

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  1. fred
    Posted December 22, 2010 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

    The streak by the UConn women is every bit as legit as UCLA’s back in the day. Don’t know if they had McD AAs but they had Lew Alcindor. Should they have apologized for that? They blew away everyone in their way, too. That’s because they had the best team, with the best players and the best coach. That’s why they won 88 straight. When UCLA set their record, there wasn’t anything close to the parity that exists today so their competition was weaker. So what? The record is what it is. I don’t understand the contrarians on this one.

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