Hoopaholics Anonymous Wednesday: Cardinals, NBA & Other Regurgitations

My name is Seedy K, and I’m a hoopaholic.

I’ve never been able to free myself from a loss — especially one as onerous as U of L’s lackluster L to a much better than anticipated Drexel team — until I’ve read the game stories the next morning in the paper.

I’ve done that now, so my stomach has stopped churning. Kinda.

* * * * *

In my post game Card File analysis, such as it was, I stated that Louisville’s effort was not worth commenting upon.

But . . . I’m a hoopaholic. I can’t help myself. Some quick shots:

Only Peyton Siva, and P Knowles a couple of times, tried to make anything happen on offense. The former made some bad decisions in his efforts, doing that Dwayne Morton driving into trouble in the lane thing. The latter simply can’t score off the dribble. U of L, as deep as it is, has no take charge guy; somebody who says he wants the ball to make something happen when nothing else is working. Siva is the only candidate on this team.

Unless, perhaps, it’s Chris Smith.

There is nothing to be said about the rebounding, other than it was AWFUL. Bad positioning. Bad effort.

There is nothing to be said about the free throw shooting, other than it was AWFUL. And, hey, coach, it’s not just Van Treese as you so pithily indicated last week.

As good a game as The Rick coached against UNLV, that’s how bad he coached last night.

The team inexplicably seemed less prepared for the Dragon’s ways than one should expect. And to my layman’s eye, there appeared to be no adjustments made to compensate on D for the couple of half court sets Bruiser Flint’s team ran time and again for open looks.

Drexel kept trying to give U of L the game. The Cards would have none of that, treating a possible W as a hot potato.

* * * * *

The Yum! crowd was as FLAT as the team.

Too much wassail? Late start? Failure to respect an obviously worthy opponent?

At times when the crowd could have used some encouragement, we were inundated with idiotic interviews from the stands and t-shirt tosses. The inappropriately named “cheerleaders” did, uh, nothing.  The word useless comes to mind. But, oh my, don’t those idiotic, infantile bows the female members wear on their heads like tiaras look, well, just oh so cheerleady.

* * * * *

And that’s all you’re going to hear from me about U of L vs. Drexel.

* * * * *

But others are weighing in.

I received a missive this morning from a fellow hoopaholic, who, in the spirit of the program, shall remain anonymous.

He mentioned how he, as did I and many others, received his post season ticket order form yesterday. He returned it to U of L with a letter, containing this terse message: “Enclosed is my NCAA Ticket Request Form which will be totally irrelevant if we don’t learn to rebound and make free throws.”

Amen, brother. Keep comin’ back.

* * * * *

I love all this NBA to Louisville talk.

Mind you, I don’t think it will happen. I doubt if the area will support a team in the long run. And I’m not an especially big fan of the play for pay game (UK excepted), except at playoff time.

But I’d love to see that circus come to town.

U of L’s money grab and sense of entitlement simply rubs this long time, life long fan the wrong way. Some stiff competition for our attention and sports dollar would be a good thing.

J. Bruce Miller, you go, dude!

* * * * *

Louisville wasn’t the only team trapped last night.

Bad Boy Bruce Pearl’s Tennessee Vols spit out the bit against a feisty Oakland squad. Pearl should have known better. He coached against them when he was still at Southern Indidana.

I can’t feel sorry for Pearl, frankly. Nothing to do with the commonwealth’s hatred for all matters Rocky Top.

The guy flat out lied to the NCAA. His mea culpa notwithstanding, that’s a no no. The Vols are now on my Always Root Against List No Matter Who They’re Playing.

* * * * *

Talk about a smack in the face, how about The Rick taking next summer off to coach the Puerto Rican Olympic hopefuls?

I dunno, I always thought the summer was THE most important time for recruiting. Guess that was just this past summer. Next year’s has been declared Feather My Already Plush Nest time by U of L’s full time, soon to be part time, basketball coach.

– Seedy K

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