Thursday’s Daily Screed: Favre, Jeter Begone, Stay Charlie Stay

I was at my weekly Wednesday lunch with a couple of pals yesterday. We ate a place that had TV sets over the bar, which I could see, but thankfully couldn’t hear.

There on the screen was pro football’s premier prima donna. (Hell, Brett Boy is the highest maintenance guy in all of sports, not just the NFL. That includes you, LeBron.)

Anyway, it was a lengthy midweek press conference. It could only mean one thing, right? Favre was finally hanging up the ol’ cleats after that monster hit last Sunday.

Wrong. Silly, silly me.

He was just posing in front of the cameras to tell the assembled that he didn’t know whether he’d play this week or not.

Knowing that, please be advised, I was able to sleep much easier last night.

* * * * *

A number of folks have asked whether Charlie Strong will or would jump to Miami or Florida, if either of those vacant coaching positions were offered to him? (Actually the inquirers wanted to know if the offer had or will be made?)

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

If Charlie Strong has an inner circle, it does not include me.

Nor have I any sources at Florida or Miami. So I haven’t a clue what they’re thinking.

My uneducated guess would be that Strong wouldn’t be the first choice at either place, but would be near the top, in case the guys the schools want the most demurred.

If offered one of those jobs, what do I think Strong will do?

Wishful thinking perhaps, but I think — hope — Strong would stay at U of L. My sense is that his history of being passed over because of his race and marital situation makes him truly grateful for the opportunity here in a community that has embraced him and his family. My feeling — and it is just that — is that Strong has a stronger sense of loyalty than most of his fellow coaches.

I’ll again pass along a story that I heard awhile back from a reliable source. Which is that John L. Smith counseled Strong to stay at U of L, when such opportunities present themselves. In essence, Smith was confirming what I’ve always thought since The Schnell jumped ship. Which is that a coach can build a legacy and traditional powerhouse here, just as JoePa has done at Penn State, Frank Beamer has done at Virginia Tech and Bobby Bowden did at Florida State.

All that said, there’s gonna be ants in red & black pants every time a big time coaching slot opens up.

* * * * *

Please take a moment out of your day along with me, so that we can close our eyes and share a moment of silence for poor Derek Jeter.

Feel his pain.

Understand how his life is going to be turned inside out and upside down.

The 36 year old Yankee shortstop is going to have make do for the next three years on a subsistence-level $51 million.

Woe is him.

I mean, you gotta feel for the guy. He’ll only be making $93,406/ game. That’s just a smidge over $10,000 per inning.

As Bob Dylan sang (about something way less important, I’m so sure), “Bury the rag deep in your face/ Now is the time for your tears.”

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted December 10, 2010 at 8:43 am | Permalink

    John L. telling Charlie to stay is interesting. Makes me think John L. realizes what a mistake he made in leaving for Michigan State (by the why John L., how’d that work out?).

    Actually while I think it was a mistake regardless of outcome I don’t really fault him for leaving. How he did it is another matter entirely.

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