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Louisville Card File: Kentucky

Before I get to breaking down U of L’s break down against the Cats, allow me to give deserving props where it is due. To John Calipari and the University of Kentucky Wildcats. That UK is more talented is a given. Longer. Quicker. Tougher. Better. They’re also better coached. And not only have better talent, […]

15 Hours til Tipoff: Cats vs. Cards on the Morrow

Because I cannot pretend to be objective about this encounter, in which my Red faves shall encounter arch rival UK, I have no intention of pretending this is some sort of in-depth analysis. As if whatever I could add might be something you haven’t considered already with your pals. * * * * * I […]

Bellarmine Bounces Back

The Knights didn’t wallow in their first L of the season very long. The Spugs Report (With the usual formatting issues, beyond my control. You want to complain? Call Steve Jobs.) Back on track, Knights win by 24 EVANSVILLE, Ind. – The Bellarmine University men’s basketball team, one day removed from their first loss of […]

Knights Fall In Evansville

The Spugs Report on Bellarmine’s first L of the season: PATRIOTS STUN BELLARMINE 79-74 EVANSVILLE, Ind.–The No. 1 Bellarmine University men’s basketball team suffered its first defeat of the season at the hands of St. Catharine College 79-74 this evening in the Bill Joergens Memorial Tournament hosted by the University of Southern Indiana. Bellarmine jumped […]

Rivalry Week: What It’s Like For The Real Fans

My preview of the UK/ U of L battle is now on the newsstands. And you can read it here. The piece focuses on how the intensity of this type of intense rivalry game makes it difficult to discern the details. So rabid are we Cards and Cats fans that the experience during the game […]

Louisville Card File: Morgan State

The exhibition season is over. We’ll find out soon enough if U of L’s powder puff schedule has prepared it for UK and the BEast season ahead? It’s just hard to tell. * * * * * Hitting wide open treys, even when unguarded as the Cards have been the last two games, is still […]

Stocking Stuffers: Candy, Coal and Curios(ities)

I know, Christmas was so yesterday. But, hey, better late than never. Blame it on the, uh, blizzard . . . yeah, that’s it . . . blame it on the blizzard up northeast. Candy. For both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. These guys have arguably the most intense one on one, man to man […]

Louisville Card File: Western Kentucky

I know your question. And I’ve got the answer(s). The 114 points U of L stamped on WKU tonight is far from the most the Cards have ever scored. That tally is 132 against George Mason in January ’94. In fact, the Cards have scored more than 114 points in 14 of their previous 2,461 […]

Hoopaholics Anonymous Wednesday: Huskies Roll, Cats Roll, NCAA Taking Haberdashers Roll

Hi, my name is Seedy K and I’m a hoopaholic. The ever petulant Greg Doyel of laid low Geno Auriemma and women’s college hoops with his latest screed. The curmudgeon has a point. Essentially, since the UConn Huskies team is overloaded with Golden Arches AAs, they have hardly been tested on this monumental W […]

Louisville Card File: Southern Mississippi

I’m not a delusional guy. I’m reasonably bright and perceptive, not prone to hallucinogenic visions (at least since the early 80s). But I must tell you what happened while watching the BO’B Bowl last night on TV. When I read in the scrawl along the bottom of the screen that Brett Whatisname still hasn’t been […]