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Louisville Card File (1st Half Edition): West Virginia

Well, wash my mouth out with soap (Just getting you ready for Ralphie in “A Christmas Story.”). The U of L football nation has shown up big. If not in full capacity force, pretty darn close, when you factor in all the beer drinkers and hell raisers on the terrace who never make it to […]

Pre-Game Day Schmooze, Long Rifle Optional: West Virginia

It’s U of L’s biggest game of the season, actually the most important since the Orange Bowl. So what are the guy’s talking about in the press box before the game? The best high school basketball players to come out of Louisville, of course. Which is reflective of our burg’s mindset, and why there will […]

Recruiting Shenanigans, Play for Pay Numbers & More: Friday Fragments

Former Hoopeston Area Cornjerker — I’ve got a tee shirt, do you? — Thad Matta might not be Coach Cal when it comes to recruiting, but he’s harvesting blue chippers like their Fuji apples up at Huber’s. The latest is superduper├╝bercenter Amir Williams. Which brings to mind a conversation I had a few weeks back […]

Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week XII

Yes, I picked Pitt to win at UConn. Whatever possessed me to put faith in the incompetent Dave Wannstedt? And I picked Utah to win under the gaze of TD Jesus. Whatever possessed me to put faith in an upstart Mob o’ Morman wannabes in the House of the Holy? Thus I had my Artie […]

Louisville Card File: Butler

Forgetting for just a moment all the positives and negatives of the Cardinals’ opener, remember this: It is the most significant opening game W for U of L since 12/05/92 when the school beat #18 Michigan State, 73-69. (For the record, that Morton/ Minor/ Rozier squad ended up an underachieving 22-9 after being spanked by […]

Badgers Bite Big, Ducks & Frogs Stumble, Irish Storm Field (Hold the Echoes): MMQB

Excuse me if I’m a bit stunned about what happened Saturday in South Bend. Sure, it’s been years since Notre Dame has been, well, Notre Dame, the most storied program in college pigskin. And, yes, the current student body doesn’t know the difference between Knute Rockne and Nuke LaLoosh. Not to mention that the beleauguered […]

Louisville Card File (Futbol Style): BEast Champions

Let’s get this clear from the get go. I do not intend to hold myself out as some sort of expert on soccer. I have a passing interest and curiosity that comes from the inveterate sports fan I’ve always been. Nor do I intend to disparage other American sports fans who, not understanding or wanting […]

Louisville Card File: South Florida

Okay, let’s get one thing perfectly clear from the get go. Charlie Strong made absolutely the correct decision to go for it on 4th and inches during Louisville’s possession in the OT. He was/ is not an idiot, and those who, thinking only in the short run, called him an idiot should find a mirror […]

Louisville Card File (Filly Style): Tennessee

Hear me now and believe me later. I have seen the future of women’s college basketball and her name is Meighan Simmons. Maya Moore, there’s a new sheriff in town and she’s come from Cibolo, Texas — That’s down San Antonio way — ready to grab that crown you’ve been wearing for a few seasons […]

Louisville Card File: Kentucky Wesleyan

Not a whole lot to discern from the Cards’ hustling effort against a woefully overmanned band of Panthers. (Louisville’s not the only squad in the Bluegrass State with injury problems. Wesleyan was down three players.) * * * * * Mike Marra’s shooting is an obvious plus. If the “Greatest Shooter Ever In The History […]