Style Points, Magic # 71, Hoosier New Daddy?: MMQB (Sunday Style)

Just win, baby. — Al Davis

If nothing else, watching NFL games reaffirms something that should be obvious: It’s a true game only when Style Points don’t make a difference. Win and advance. Scoring more points than the team you’re playing is all that matters. No computers or scribes or SIDs to please.

The Steelers hard fought encounter in Buffalo. It’s a W. Next.

On the other hand, in college pigskin, you’ve got Wisconsin feeling compelled to lay 70 on Michael Wilbon’s Northwestern Wildcats. So, I guess they thought, the Badgers can have a higher rating with a chance to jump TCU if Oregon or Auburn stumble, and, at the very least, proceed to the Tournament of Roses. What a sorry state of affairs.

Boise State’s meltdown should mean only one thing: A lower seed in a 16 team national championship playoff. Instead, they’re considered a fluke, and will end the season playing Schlepper A & M in the Bowl.

E. Gordon Gee. Wipe that scarlet and gray smile off your smug ass face. You’re still an idiot.

* * * * *

Speaking of 70 point games, Ron English, how are things working out for you at Eastern Michigan?

You did win twice this year. It’s a good thing. And an improvement over a long winless streak.

But the Eagles did drop their finale to Northern Illinois. At home.

Eastern Michigan 3, Northern Illinois 71. Not a good thing.

Were things that bad, coaching D under Steve Kragthrope? Musta been.

Because anybody with any sense would know that the Eastern Michigan position was and remains a dead end job.

* * * * *

Which is exactly the same thing that can be said of Indiana. (Insert Vanderbilt, if you so choose.) Bloomington, where hope springs eternal. The Hoosiers captured the Old Oaken Bucket yesterday. In Lafayette, no less.

Today, Bill Lynch was fired.

Who would want that job, Big 10 or no?

We’ll find out. The conference requires them to field a team.

* * * * *

I sure would have loved seeing Boise State smother Nevada. And, despite no love whatsoever for Nick Saban or Alabama, to see the Tide beat Auburn.

It would have set up the possibility of TCU or Boise State against each other or Oregon in the last game of the season.

That said, what Auburn did is HUGE! Coming back from 24 down against Bama in Tuscaloosa. A monster performance by any standard.

Seeing them play my Oregon Ducks will be a treat. Both teams are tough on D. Fast on both sides of the ball. Innovative on O. Which is to say I’ll be rooting for both to win this coming weekend. Though neither foe, Oregon State in the Civil War for the Quack or the Gamecocks for the SEC title for the Tigers, is a walkover.

* * * * *

Sphincters are tightening for Cardinal fans. Euphoric one day after U of L became bowl eligible, and AD Tom Jurich assured the faithful it will happen.

Then Randy Shannon gets the axe at Miami, and Louisville is on pins and needles, feeling Charlie Strong will be offered the job. If I were the Hurricanes AD, I’d sure ask Charlie. The guy’s a winner.

If I were Charlie, I’d politely say no. Then again, I’m a Cardinal fan and really want him to stay.

* * * * *

Where might the Cards be bowling?

My pal Dave says — without any evidence whatsoever but with a tone of extreme authority — he heard the Motor City Bowl, or whatever that Motown Showdown is now called.

One online wag has Louisville in the Sun Bowl. ???????

As I wrote yesterday, lots of “experts” had the Cards in the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl.

Because there are so few teams with winning records, it appears that just about all, if not all, teams at 6-6 will be rewarded with post season play.

Stay tuned.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted November 30, 2010 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    Yet another diff between the Big 10 and the BE. The Big 10 requires all of its members to field a team. The BE not only doesn’t, it actually allows one of its members to field one OUTSIDE of the conference.

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