Louisville Card File: Marshall

Because I waited almost 24 hours to file this report — too much football to watch, too much leftover turducken to consume, Saturday Night Date Night at the movies — I find that I must acknowledge and agree with the observations of fellow scribes.

* * * * *

Both Jody Demling in his game recap, and the C-J headline writer, nailed the storyline for U of L’s less than resounding W over Marshall.

Stephan Van Treese, who started the second half in place of Rakeem Buckles, was Best In Show.

After the teams traded treys to start the second half, and a delay in play while Jim Burr double checked the call on the Marshall basket, allowing fans to empty the Yum! bars and find their seats, the score stood 36-37, We Are Marshall’s favor.

Then Van Treese went to work. His follow shot made it 38-37 Cards. Then came his steal and a slam. 40-37 Cards. Then he deflected a pass, giving Louisville a possession which ended with a couple TJ FTs. 42-37 Cards. Another TJ FT later, VT scored on a fastbreak layup to make the score, 45-37.

I think I missed a couple of other rebounds and big VT plays in there.

The point is, after this classic hard work segment, U of L’s W was never in doubt.

You think U of L’s season last year might have been a little different, had The Rick given “not ready for college basketball” Stephan Van Treese a shot at some legit PT? Just askin’?

* * * * *

Midway through the second half, Van Treese and Buckles played together for the first time I can remember. Kuric, Justice and Smith filled out that lineup.

* * * * *

And Rick Bozich nailed it on the head this morning with his contemplation of Louisville’s absurd, pre-New Year’s schedule.

No games outside the commonwealth. Only one game away from the palatial confines of the Yum! Only 3 1/2 games — UK, Western Ky, UNLV — against teams that should test the Cards’ mettle. (Butler, it turns out, isn’t, well, Butler . . . yet.)

It’s obviously a money grab by the school. (Oh yeah, why was the rowing team having the equivalent of a bake sale outside a recent game?) Bring in Little Sisters of the Poor. Pay ‘em a pittance to play. Whip ‘em up the side of the head. Bring in their cousin, Calamity State. Repeat.

Sure you gotta have some gimmes. Especially when there is new personnel and new offensive and defensive systems being installed. But still, it’s doesn’t seem fair to the fans. Or, arguably to the team.

Big Games. They’re a good thing, win or lose.

* * * * *

Louisville was outrebounded, 42-43.

Not a good sign.

Marshall was 13/29 at the FT line. 44.8%. Yet the Herd stayed within striking distance throughout the game.

Not a good sign.

* * * * *

There was a quirky discrepancy in fouls called.

Only 12 — 7 for U of L, 5 for Marshall — were whistled in the first half. The zebras called 31 in the second.

Timid defenses to start out? Refs needing time to wake up? Just a coincidence?

* * * * *

The Rick’s patented Quick Hook™ is back in play. One time he inserted Buckles into the lineup. First trip down court, he gave up an offensive rebound. Rakeem meet pine.

* * * * *

Cutting the Cards some slack, it must be noted that U of L is running offensive patterns not seen for awhile. It does take time to find a rhythm. So too on the defensive end, where finding comfort in a switching man to man does not come overnight.

* * * * *

Cardinal fans continued their what is becoming habitual lingering at the bars and in the hallways when halftime is over. It appears that the Yum! is destined to mimic Papa J’s when it comes to fan focus. Actually, lack of focus.

The assembled chose to hear The Eagles over Abba and A Ha.

– Seedy K

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  1. BirdWithTeeth
    Posted November 28, 2010 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    CD, if you’ll e-mail me, I’ll forward you an e-mail I sent to U of L about the new banners and how they could/should be made bigger and maybe be put above the midcourt scoreboard for all to see and appreciate.

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