Louisville Card File: Rutgers

Roll Cardinal Tide!

Okay, not quite the resonance of Roll Crimson Tide, but . . .

Both teams jumped out to a four score lead. Bama was up 24-0 on #2 Auburn in the Iron Bowl. The Cards were up 28 zed on Rutgers in the, uh, last game of the season bowl.

Alabama lost 27-28.

Louisville rolled, 40-13.

Which, of course, is where the analogy either ends, or totally falls apart, depending on how harsh your perspective.

It will indeed be a shame if Auburn loses in the SEC title game, because the Tigers displayed their mettle today in spades. Coming back in Tuscaloosa from a 3 TD and a field goal deficit. That’s huge.

The Cards scored on their first four possessions. And never looked back. Rutgers is a miserable football team. Never to be confused with Alabama, red unis notwithstanding.

* * * * *

You gotta feel sorry for Justin Burke. Essentially a bench warmer for his entire collegiate career, he was clicking on all cylinders. He was 9/11 for 138 yards, 2 TDs and no picks. Then he tweaked his back, and had to be replaced by Will Stein for the remainder of the game.

The best game of his career and his back goes out on him.

Tough break.

* * * * *

There have been some truly boneheaded coaching decisions through the years. Plenty this very season in fact.

But, none is quite as inexplicable as Greg Schiano’s decision to go for two, down 13-34 with 2:30 to play in the 3d. Because U of L had missed the extra point after Jeremy Wright’s 64 yard TD run four minutes earlier, the Scarlet Knights were down only 21 after the TD. Kick an extra point in due course, and they’re down only 20 points. Should they have fashioned a three TD comeback, all they’d need would be three kicked conversions to take the lead. Assuming Louisville didn’t score again, of course.

To be fair, this mediocre Rutgers team was never going to catch up to a Cardinal squad ready to win and become bowl eligible. But still. What an awful coaching decision. Not quite as silly as Greg Schiano’s choice to stay in Piscataway, when he could have skipped on the greener pastures a few seasons back. But dunderheaded nonetheless.

Whatever was he thinking?

* * * * *

Will Stein proved a more than capable third team backup. 9/14 in the air with a TD pass and no interceptions. He showed he could take charge of the situation.

He’s mobile, but awfully short. He’s a leader. He’s a winner. But Louisville will be in big trouble if he’s the starter next season. Determination and grit can only carry you so far.

* * * * *

Bilal Powell was back on his feed. Jeremy Wright broke that big one. Johnny Patrick had two interceptions, one a pick 6. And Cameron Graham once again led the receiving corps. Though that knee injury he suffered sure looked on TV like a season/ career ending injury.

* * * * *

Attendance was reported at 37,422, most of whom dressed as empty seats.

* * * * *

Hats off to Charlie Strong and the entire Cardinal coaching staff. Winning half their games, and coming close in a couple of others is an amazing accomplishment with such a thin, roster.

* * * * *

I’ve got no clue if Louisville at 6-6 will get a bowl bid. But the national online scribes have weighed in, and there seems to be a consensus.

12/21. St. Pete in something called the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl against a beatable foe from C-USA.

– Seedy K


  1. cbcard
    Posted November 26, 2010 at 9:56 pm | Permalink

    Watching your Ducks right now. Last time I saw that much speed was at Churchill.

  2. knightwatch
    Posted November 26, 2010 at 10:40 pm | Permalink


    You probably didn’t watch the Knights tonight, I’m assuming you had something better to do… but you might have missed their best half in quite some time, which is really saying something. The first 15 minutes of the second half they outscored the host West Virginia State (29-3 last year, everyone back) by 20 to extend their lead to 30.

    They ended up winning 103-78, which was WV State’s first loss at home in 2 seasons… which was the last time BU beat them.

    As good as they have been for the last couple years, this year’s team might be a step up from those teams. The depth they have would make most local schools envious (just ask Xavier), not to mention they shot 57% from the field, becuase they only shoot uncontested layups and wide open 3s.

    I really hope that people will take their eyes off of UK and UofL for a minute and get out to support this team. These kids deserve it and they are true student-athletes.

    Everyone who goes seems to enjoy the games, just not enough people go. People like yourself and the great Billy Reed can attest to what I’m talking about.

    As an alumnus, I am so proud of Bellarmine for not only doing it so well, but doing it the right way. I’ve heard Coach Davenport say that since he’s been there the team GPA has been over 3.0 every semester, and we should keep in mind that there are no basketweaving classes at Bellarmine.

    This is my plea to help fill Knights Hall for the rest of the season. Kudos to you for being one of the Knights’ most ardent supporters… too bad you can’t influence the rest of the local media.

    Bellarmine Basketball is the best value in all of Louisville sporting events. I have no doubt.

    Go Knights!

  3. cbcard
    Posted November 27, 2010 at 6:34 pm | Permalink

    Sitting here watching Booby Pinnochio’s boys playing LSU. Makes me realize one more reason to hate him. If he doesn’t leave we don’t end up with Steve Krackpipe.

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