Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week XIII (Regular Season Finale)

If there’s somebody patriotic enough out there that you were able to watch the entirety of Notre Dame vs. Army at Yankee Stadium without running out before halftime to enlist in the infantry, please get in touch.

I am curious to know, if as I expected might happen as part of the halftime show, James Cagney, reprising his role as George M. Cohane,  jumped out of a faux flag-festooned cake, singing “I’m A Yankee Doodle Dandy?”

I, for one, wasn’t quite up to the task of sitting through the folderol to watch for myself.

Out of general obstinacy, I went with the West Pointers in last week’s selections. Bad choice. And I knew it was a mistake as soon as I saw the Fighting Irish jaunt onto the gridiron in their Johnny Lujack green jerseys.

I also went with Northwestern in the Wrigley Bowl, making the pick before I learned the teams would only take offensive snaps in one direction. I believe the Wildcats tallied a TD on an interception in the forbidden endzone. Which tells me I was jobbed with the One Way Rule Change. (And, as expected, Joey the Vig showed no mercy.)

UDub, Louisiana-Monroe and the Longhorns all prevailed, for 3-2 record for the weekend and 38-28 on the season.

Lucky Week XIII will be my last of the regular campaign. Whether I continue this exercise for the bowl season remains to be seen, after I check with my financial advisors.

Some tasty fare this turkey time o’ the year. No bunnies this time around.

Texas A & M @ Texas. In recent times, the Aggies have fallen short despite that 12th Man spirit. But this is an odd season down deep in the heart of. If the visitors from College Station prevail, beyond bragging rights, they could wind up tied for the Big 12 South title. (If Ooooooooooooooooklahoma bests Okie State.) The Longhorns, wearing the mantle of the nation’s most disappointing team, need a W for bowl eligibility. (Read: To even their record at 6-6). Texas dropped 4 in a row before the Schnell’s Fighting Owls handed them a W last week. The Aggies have an impressive five game victory streak going, with Ws at Baylor and over pugnacious Bo Pelini’s Corhnuskers. Strange things happen in these rivalry games. Especially when both teams have to win. Buuuuuut . . . I say the brown shirted Aggies win one for former future assistant coach Kraggie.

Auburn @ Alabama. Wasn’t this to be the home game when the Crimson Tide ripped its Iron Bowl rival on the way to yet another SEC crown and BcS “title.” Why yes it was. Then they lost to South Carolina, a division champ by the by, and at LSU. Ooooopsy daisy. Wasn’t Auburn supposed to fade into mediocrity upon hiring Gene Chizik, a guy with a losing record at Iowa State? Indeed. Then Cam Newton, academics foremost on his mind, decided he wanted to matriculate in the vaunted pre-veterinary program, where he wouldn’t have to deal with all those cowbells. Footballl fans, you do not want to miss this one. How much do these schools hate each other? Have you seen the video of the kid in the mall who, so indoctrinated into the Crimson Tide Way, starts bawling outside a mall Auburn store? Enough questions. Here’s the answer: (Hint: They’re smiling in Ft. Worth and Boise.) Bama. Big.

Arizona @ Oregon. I may be Quackus Maximus, but I’m plenty worried. My Oregon Ducks still have to travel to Oregon State next week for the (Un)Civil War. Okay, Seedy, first things first, one game at a time. First up, feisty Arizona. Mike Stoops Wildcats are a might peeved, having lost two in a row and all that. Plus they still have their rivalry battle to contest against Arizona State. The Ducks certainly looked less than superhuman, escaping 15-13 last time out in Berserkely. But a week off and I figure Phil Knight University is all flying feathers and fire. (Whatever that means metaphorically?) After Friday’s battle, Oregon will be 11 up, none down and but one Beaver pelt from playing for all the BcS marbles.

Boise State @ Nevada. Looking for ways to validate the juggernaut that the blue fielding Boise Staters have become, the nation’s scribes have dubbed this one The Trap Game. Boise State, the year’s most talked about team, is cruising along toward yet another undefeated regular season. Which they’ve done two years in a row and three of the last four. Impressive. So too smackdowns of Virginia Tech and Oregon State. The Wolf Pack stumbled in Hawaii. They’re far from the first to do so. And are scoring and rushing almost as prolifically as Friday night’s foe. (Albeit against a slightly less difficult schedule.) But there’s something about those potato boys, who shall win BIG and vault both losing Auburn and TCU in the standings.

Louisville @ Rutgers. May I introduce you to a team on the serious deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecline. Losers of four in a row, the Scarlet Knights stand between Charlie Strong’s surprising but still schizzy Louisville Cardinals and a possible bowl bid. Yankee Stadium, here we might come. After snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against South Florida, the thin Cards looked woeful on O against West Virginia, a genuinely beatable team. Stefan LeFors will still be in the booth Friday morning, so the Cards remain in trouble under center, even if Adam Froman comes back. We don’t really know what happened with Bilal Powell last week, so he remains a ?. I haven’t watched Rutgers to know if the team has quit. But that 38-69 thrashing last week in Cincy says they might have. I see the Cards serving up a tasty Friday brunch treat for the red & black faithful.

Bonus Pick: Don’t know why. Don’t know how. But enough is enough. Cats finally win in Knoxville.

– Seedy K


  1. JJ
    Posted November 24, 2010 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    Bonus Pick: Don’t know why. Don’t know how. But enough is enough. Cats finally win in Knoxville.


  2. Wildcat
    Posted November 29, 2010 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

    If I EVER hear that damn Rocky Top again I will lose what is left of my mind. Bruce Pearl, That stupid coon dog mascot, that idiotic song and those horrendous colors…there could not be a more disgusting “school” anywhere on earth.

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