Final Thoughts on Cardinal Saturday (Pigskin & Hoops)

Not sure that there’s much more to say, or much more worth saying, about the loss to West Virginia.

U of L’s defense continued to perform at a level way above what any fan might have reasonably expected. They kept the Cards in the game, and the Mountaineers offense generally at bay.

The offense — no other way to say it — stunk it up.

Coach Strong was elusive when asked after the game about Bilal Powell’s condition. Not sure what to make of his comments. (I know this: Stephan LeFors was a great college QB. But he is an awful interviewer. Sophomoric. Whoever thought he would be an upgrade as a color man for Card broadcasts was seriously mistaken.)

Louisville was -4 on the ground in the 3d quarter. There were five straight three and outs in the quarter, perhaps the most boring of the season.

When Louisville got the ball with 6:15 to play, down a TD, the O simply failed to perform. Burke hit Graham for 16 yards on 1st down to put the ball at midfield. And that was it.

On 1st, Burke scrambled for 5 when protection broke down a bit and he couldn’t find a receiver.

On 2d, Burke overthrew a wide open Josh Bellamy.

On 3d, Burke recovered a bad snap, and then overthrew his receiver.

On 4th down, Burke threw his best pass of the day 20 yards downfield to Josh Chichester on a crossing pattern. He simply heard foot steps and dropped a sure catch. Ball game.

(On my way to the car after the game, one incensed and inebriated fan implored all who walked by, “Revoke Chichester’s scholarship.)

* * * * *

Where have you gone Wilbur Summers?

Remember the desultory Cardinal season when Summers the Punter was the star.

Chris Philpott wore that mantle yesterday. His punts were great. And his 21 yard gallop on a fake was, sadly, U of L’s longest run of the day.

* * * * *

A Friday a.m. W over Rutgers and the Cards get to contemplate a spot in the Pinstripe Bowl or Birmingham Bowl.

An L and they get to contemplate the weight room and spring practice.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Not sure there’s much to take from last night’s lackluster hardwood W over Jackson State.

Before the game, Tevester Anderson said, “Rick is going to dictate the pace of the game.”

He was wrong. The Cards were out of sync the entire night, until they cranked the energy level to, oh, 6 for the final push.

Bright spots? TJ looked marginally better. Marra made several zesty passes for assists. Siva overcame another bad 1st half, full of bad decisions, to play significantly better in the 2d.

And, that ye red & black faithful, was about it.

* * * * *

When the visitors ran off 14 straight in the second half, Louisville looked as bad as it has in a long while.

The Cards need, but don’t have (even if Swop returns), a slasher from the corner.

Gorgui Dieng still has a long long long way to go, before he’ll be a factor of any significance.

Homecoming King Kyle Kuric needs a transplant of mean.

Preston Knowles needs to work on his shot selection.

– Seedy K

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    Talk about how you feel about LeFlors.

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