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When in Need, Here are the U of L Cards I’d Call

Just thinking about what Louisville Cardinal basketballers I’d want in certain situations? Need a rebound? Wes Unseld. Need to take a charge? Mike Lawhon. Need a free throw to win a game late? Tie, Milt Wagner and Jerry King. Need a trey to turn a game around or win it? Tie, Taquan Dean and DeJuan […]

Style Points, Magic # 71, Hoosier New Daddy?: MMQB (Sunday Style)

Just win, baby. — Al Davis If nothing else, watching NFL games reaffirms something that should be obvious: It’s a true game only when Style Points don’t make a difference. Win and advance. Scoring more points than the team you’re playing is all that matters. No computers or scribes or SIDs to please. The Steelers […]

Louisville Card File: Marshall

Because I waited almost 24 hours to file this report — too much football to watch, too much leftover turducken to consume, Saturday Night Date Night at the movies — I find that I must acknowledge and agree with the observations of fellow scribes. * * * * * Both Jody Demling in his game […]

Bellarmine Knights Conquer West Virginia: The Spugs Reports

My apologies to readers, who are fans of the Bellarmine Knights. I was remiss in not filing the Spugs Report on the 24 point W over West Virginia State the other day. (John Spugnardi is Bellarmine’s b-ball SID, and these reports are simply a cut and past reiteration of his away game recaps.) The Knights […]

Louisville Card File: Rutgers

Roll Cardinal Tide! Okay, not quite the resonance of Roll Crimson Tide, but . . . Both teams jumped out to a four score lead. Bama was up 24-0 on #2 Auburn in the Iron Bowl. The Cards were up 28 zed on Rutgers in the, uh, last game of the season bowl. Alabama lost […]

Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week XIII (Regular Season Finale)

If there’s somebody patriotic enough out there that you were able to watch the entirety of Notre Dame vs. Army at Yankee Stadium without running out before halftime to enlist in the infantry, please get in touch. I am curious to know, if as I expected might happen as part of the halftime show, James […]

Louisville Card File: Chattanooga

Frankly I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a box score like the one U of L crafted in last night’s battering of the Mocs. It has to be a coach’s dream. Savor this across the board consistency and equality. FGs: 4/5, 4/9, 4/8, 4/11 (Preston Knowles still needs to pass the ball on occasion […]

The Terry Baker MMQB/MMPG Report: Hoops Winds Up, Pigskin Winds Down

Moniker Explained Dept. It is that grand flux period in college sports. Hoops is gearing up for our favorite of seasons. Football (both American and global varieties) and other autumn sports are winding toward conclusion. Champions will be crowned. Except, of course, in college football. It is a season of glorious overlap. So today’s report […]

Here Come The Knights: Wayne State Wasted, 87-73

Edited 11/22 8:39 am The most effective and efficient offensive basketball team in Kentucky is not UK or U of L or Western Kentucky or any squad not wearing a uniform with Bellarmine across the chest. And I’ve got a stat to prove it. The Knights, 87-73 victors over Wayne State, played 31 1/2 minutes […]

Final Thoughts on Cardinal Saturday (Pigskin & Hoops)

Not sure that there’s much more to say, or much more worth saying, about the loss to West Virginia. U of L’s defense continued to perform at a level way above what any fan might have reasonably expected. They kept the Cards in the game, and the Mountaineers offense generally at bay. The offense — […]