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Louisville Cardinal Basketball: Media Day Notes, Part 1

See Peyton run.┬áRun Peyton. Run See Rakeem run. Run Rakeem. Run. See Jared sit. Heal Jared. Heal. Before several previous seasons, Rick Pitino has given lip service to playing at a much faster pace. Which philosophy never became a reality once the season started. This time he may not be just woofin’. After watching the […]

Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week VIII

Woooooooooooooooooo! Kerthunk! Splat! Maybe it was the S.E.C. — Securities & Exchange Commission, not Mike Slive’s Southeastern Conference — telling me they were ready to charge me with violations of 12(b)(5) for trading with insider info. Perhaps it was The Great Prognosticator In The Sky’s way of saying, “Seedy K, enough is enough. Your record […]

Kentucky Koldcocks Gamecocks, Toppers Tumble, Buckeyes Blanch: MMQB (Sunday Style)

Tale of Two Cities. It was the best of times (Lexington). It was the worst of times (Bowling Green). How ’bout them Cats? Did Joker’s guys show some H(e)art(line) or what? After falling short in recent games just like last night’s first ever W over Coach Visor, the Big Blue stayed the course this time. […]

Day After in Cardinaltown: Bearcats Still Better

Louisville fans — like Coach Charlie Strong — have reason to be pleased with the Cards palpable week to week improvement. But, yes, coach, you gotta win the game. Anyway, here’s just one reason to be proud of Friday’s effort. Cincy entered the game with the best rushing defense in the Big East, 8th best […]

Bridge to Nowhere: Why are Cards Recruiting Tony Woods?

Rarely have I observed the Cardinal Nation of such a single mind on an issue. I’ve talked with a lot of serious U of L supporters in the last couple days. Some have been for decades. Some more recent. Young. Old. Male. Female. Caucasian. African-American. To the person, they are aghast that Louisville would recruit […]

Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections, Week VII

For whom the Fighting Gamecock crows. Not for me. I loved that Coach Visor led South Carolina to a stunning and convincing W over the insufferable Crimson Tide. Except for one little personal perspective. I picked Bama to win in this space last week. Had they done that, the kid would have had his third […]

Ducks Soaring, Sparty Roaring, Cards Comin’, Frogs Feisty & More: MMQB

The Cats fell to Auburn in the final seconds. But, at least they showed up. Big time. Which is more than you can say about the Cincy’s “No Run” Reds or Brooks Conrad, the Braves second sacker who booted three in Atlanta’s come from ahead 9th inning loss to San Fran. Okay, enough about baseball. […]

Nicest Cardinal Ever: Deion Branch

Revised 10/10 8:06 pm. Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader for advising that I’d misspelled Deion’s first name. My mistake. The former Super Bowl MVP is at the game being honored by U of L. He was available in the press room at the half. I was once again reminded what a soft and well spoken, […]

Louisville vs. Memphis State: Part Deux

Josh Chichester just found himself wide open again on the first series of the 2d quarter. Fortunately he wasn’t near the sideline. And he actually caught the ball and outran the defender scurrying to catch him for the score. Louisville 14, Memphis State zed. * * * * * At 9:34 of the 2d, Froman […]

Louisville vs. Memphis State: Game Day

At 2:23 before kickoff, there a lot of empty seats. I mean, a whole lot of empty seats. While there are a lot fans still entering the stadium, I daresay the verb “streaming” does not apply. * * * * * The team intro video is still way way way too long. Crowd enthusiasm peaks […]