Ducks Soar, Sparty Swandives, Cards & Cats Kerplunk: MMQB (Sunday Style)

What in the name of Lone Star oil moolah is going on in Waco?

Scott Drew’s hoops empire grows with the purchase of Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello. And the Bears pigskinners are legit Top 25, after spanking the Hook ‘Em Horns yesterday in Austin, 30-22. The Baylor hierarchy has given Art Briles a chance to build the program — how charming — and it looks like they’ll be rewarded in his third season with the school’s first bowl game since ’94.

So I ask again: Whatup in Waco?

* * * * *

Basketball season officially began for U of L about 1:47 yesterday afternoon. The moment occurred for the Big Blue Nation last night. Western’s been locked into hoops for awhile, since Ken McD got commitments from an extraordinary recruiting class.

The Cats simply fall behind too early. Sound familiar? And don’t have enough Randall Cobbs to catch up late.

The Cards played their most dispirited offensive game of the year. Adam Froman was — no other way to say it — awful. And the rest of the guys weren’t much better. The D played valiantly, but were in a hole way too much of the game.

Frankly, there’s not much worth analyzing. The Cards travel to Syracuse, which school’s resuscitation is a year ahead of Louisville’s. A Cardinal W would be most dumbfounding. But nice.

The Cats still play in the SEC. And all the Ws in the world over Charleston Southern aren’t going to mask that fact.

* * * * *

Michigan State had played with fire last week, having to come from seriously behind to upend Northwestern. This week, the Spartans’ BCS title game hopes died, when they ran into a buzz saw at Iowa. They fell way behind. And stayed there.

I’d like to comment further but the Green are Joey the Vig’s favorite team. And the normally curmudgeon is in even a nastier mood than normal these days, and likely to unleash some of his “associates” on anybody uttering a discouraging word.

* * * * *

I’m seriously in trouble vis-à-vis my Oregon Ducks.

What started out as a flirtation, simply because the way they suited up, has become a passion. (Yes, Cardinal fans, that was me wearing a Ducks jersey to this afternoon’s U of L hoops exhibition.)

I watched the entirety of last night’s battle with Southern Cal. (Thank you, ESPN 360.) Oregon is totally legit. Not to mention especially stylin’, even when wearing all white.

The Ducks are fast. The Ducks are tough. The Ducks like to hit. The Ducks kick it into gear, step on the throttle from the opening kickoff and leave the pedal on the metal all game. Chip Kelly is as good as it gets these days. The Quack still have games with feisty Washington and Cal, plus Arizona in Eugene. They must travel to Corvallis for the Civil War to end the regular season.

If all goes well, they’ll be playing that last game of the season against Boise State. or TCU. (Auburn will lose to

* * * * *

Brian Kelly made two awful decisions this past week.

The first, and certainly saddest, was deciding to practice outside during a severe weather alert. Which decision cost a student volunteer his life. Kelly should be fired for gross negligence.

The second was the horrendous pass play he called that cost the Irish the game against Tulsa. Less than a field goal behind, and already within range of Notre Dame’s best placekicker ever, Kelly called an absurd pass play into the endzone. It was intercepted. and Kelly got his just rewards. An L.

Out of respect, the death of  Declan Sullivan prevents me from gloating as I’d like.

* * * * *

Best game coming up this weekend: TCU (8-0) @ Utah (8-0).

Wonder if any of the TV networks in these parts will be smart enough to televise it?

– Seedy K

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