The List: Thursday’s Favorites

Kentuckiana’s Favorite NBA Team: Got to be the Sacramento Kings.

Okay, they’ve got Tyreke Evans, but he didn’t play in their opener last night, a road W in Minnesooooooota.

The stars? You know their names, yell ‘em out with me.

DeMarcus Cousins. 14 points. 8 boards. 5 assists.

5 assists???????

Francisco Garcia. 7/12 from the field. 6/6 at the line. 22 points.

Can we get some Big Blue and Cardinal Red bipartisan support for Team Maloof?

U of L Fans Favorite New Player: Gorgui Dieng.

Okay, the 6-10 pivot from Senegal with the 7-4 wing span is not the second coming.

But, oh my, what a treat he is. His patois is almost indecipherable at first. But his answers to questions are articulate and contemplative.

Asked how Rick Pitino’s practices are in comparison with his expectations, he philosophized: “Nothing comes easy in life.”

Asked what he’s best at doing on the court: “Running, blocking shots and dunking on people.”

The kid has a twinkle in his eyes, and an infectious smile that could light up the Yum! without any help from L G & E.

My Favorite College Football Coach Whipping Boy: Brian Kelly.

Okay, it’s not like I didn’t already give him a rasher of grief for his gross negligence which was the major contributing factor to Notre Dame student, Declan Sullivan.

Kelly needs to be called out early and often. Then some more.

Despite severe weather warnings, despite the fact that Kelly practiced his Irish indoors the day before with similar warnings, he practiced them outside in 50 MPH winds, and sent Sullivan up on a tower to film it all.

The tower was toppled and the kid is now dead.

Kelly needs to be fired.

My Favorite Team in the World Series: San Francisco Giants.

Okay, yeah, they rocked the previously unbeatable — literally — Cliff Lee in the opener. And, Juiced & Surly Barry Bonds has been the face of the franchise in recent years.

But this is the team of Say Hey Willie Mays, Sal “The Barber” MaglieĀ  and Mel Ott.

Besides the other team used to be partially owned by the guy who became US President when his fellow owners wouldn’t name him commissioner of baseball.

My Favorite New Record Album: “The Witmark Demos” Bob Dylan.

Okay, it has absolutely nothing to do with sports. But, hey, there are times when I think I’m kind of a Renaissance guy.

These are all simple solo versions of those amazing songs he wrote before he was 24 years old.

My Favorite New Pet: Abbey, the Rescue Dog.

Okay, she still hasn’t stolen my heart from Lila The Love Dog, RIP. Then again, we’ve only had her a week and a half.

My Favorite New Cautionary Tale: Earl Clark.

Okay, it seems like he’s still on the roster of the Phoenix Suns.

But the team hasn’t exercised their option on the first round pick for a third season. And apparently aren’t going to do so. Goodbye Arizona, hello Turkey.

Would Clark have had a better shot at staying an NBAer, had he stayed a Cardinal for four years? One guy’s opinion: Yes. But, even if it didn’t, it would have given him a senior season to savor at the top of college hoops world.

My Favorite Complaint about the Yum! Center I Forgot to Mention in My Essay about the Place: Visual Noise.

Okay, my guess is most of you all like and want new and glitzy and glossy.

And, I do too. Kinda.

But there are so many visual screens with flashing graphics inside the arena, it may truly be hard to concentrate on the game. There are so many digital screens, and it is so state of the art, that a former editor of mine here at LEO, Joe Grove, was there last week, taking photos and researching a story about them for a website that concerns itself with such marketing matters.

By the by — Caveat: Gratuitous Plug Coming –you can read that essay, if you already haven’t here, or even here.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted October 29, 2010 at 8:29 pm | Permalink

    Earl is a nice young man but a far better talent neck down then neck up. His mindset and drive is not that of a successful NBA player. Hopefully as he gets older this will change.

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