LeBron, Baseball, Blue Field, Basketball: Tuesday’s Quick Shots

Was that really the NBA I was watching last night?

On opening night, a relatively meaningless game between the aging Boston Celtics and THE GREATEST TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED?

Well, yes it was. I like hoops. And I am frankly curious to see how Pat Riley’s grande experiment goes down. (And, truth be told, I do hope it goes down.) So I tuned in.

The Rondos won. Which is a good thing. Miami is still trying to find its way, a work in progress because Dwayne Wade played about 14 seconds in the exhi season.

Hear me now and believe me later. The LeBrons will NOT win the NBA title. Unless of course the officials continue to give the superduperstar every call even when he railroads his way to the hoop, knocking away any defender who dare block his path.

Tonight, my new favorite team: Oklahoma City. I have seen the future, and its name is Kevin Durant.

* * * * *

I haven’t followed baseball much this season, though the resurgent Reds did catch my attention a bit.

The league championship series were compelling. Always love to see the Yankees lose, even if it’s to Prexy Dub’s team. While I kinda like the Phillies, it’s nice to see the team of Mays and McCovey and Dusty Rhodes back in the Series.

I’m an AL guy, but I gotta root for the boys from the Bay. Of course, I’ll have to endure Tim McCarver to do it. More exactly, endure my friend Dave, who will call me at least twice a night, braying into the phone, “You need to get rid of Tim McCarver.”

As if it was my decision, or something.

* * * * *

While Gorgui Dieng sure isn’t the second coming, it is sweet that there’s finally some good news to report for Cardinal basketball fans.

As for the “Free Enes” movement, I have about as much sympathy as I do for the Tea Party movement. Which is to say . . . well, you know.

It just seems like, at some point, Coach Cal’s karma is going to run out. It’s got to, right? He’s not Joe Hardy, is he?

* * * * *

Boise State’s blue field is no longer a bemusing curiosity.

It’s ugly.

– Seedy K

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  1. fred
    Posted October 28, 2010 at 8:38 am | Permalink

    The blue carpet makes it feel like they’re playing in somebody’s family room.
    I like Tim McCarver. He knows strategy.
    If Lasege couldn’t play, how the hell can Enes? Finally, every basketball team needs one: a point guy. Someone in charge. Rondo is that guy in Boston. Miami has a committee that has not, and I dare say, will not, figure out who is in charge. Lakers in six.

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