Louisville Card File: UConn

There are oh so very many reasons for U of L football fans to feel optimistic about the blossoming regime of Charlie Strong.

If forced to choose one, this morning after the Cards domnated UConn, 26-0, this is it.

In the first half, U of L was charged with 7 penalties for 70 yards, 4 for 45 in the 1st quarter alone. Which numbers don’t even tell the full disturbing story. Doug Beaumont had a long punt return for a TD called back.

On the Cards opening drive which stalled, a hold nullified a 22 yard Bilal Powell gain.

On the Huskies first drive, Rodney Gnat missed an easy tackle for a loss. Then UConn hit a 15 yarder, and U of L roughed the passer to add 15 more for a minus 30 on the play.

There were also a couple of penalties, which UConn declined. It — 7 no nos for 70 yards — was not a disciplined performance by the Cardinals, even though they led 13 zip at the half.

Final penalty stat for U of L: 7 for 70. That’s right, after a woeful first half, the Cards didn’t violate the rules in the 2d.

That is how good coaches coach during halftime. Whatever Charlie Strong said to his troops, it worked.

Of course, that’s not the only reason for Louisville fans to be of good cheer this morning, but it’s high on the list.

* * * * *

Zero turnovers is another.

The Huskies fumbled twice and threw a pick.

* * * * *

Here’s a third reason to smile.

UConn crossed into Louisville territory only once in the first half. On the opening drive, which ended with a FG attempt doinking off the goal post.

The visitors didn’t cross midfield again until there was 4:50 left in the 3d quarter. On the next play, the Cards D pushed them back to their own 49, from which point they had to punt.

* * * * *

UConn had 1 return yard. One. Uno.

It’s a lonely number. Unless you’re a U of L fan.

* * * * *

Adam Froman’s effort seemed more workmanlike than it actually was. 18-30 in the air. Three carries for 20 yards. Pretty stellar.

* * * * *

Louisville’s Wildcat O, or WildCard, or whatever it’s called has given the team nothing this season. It appears mundane, uninspired, and is never going to work unless U of L is willing to pass out of it.

Which I mention because, as Charlie Strong would certainly point out, there’s still room for plenty of improvement.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted October 24, 2010 at 5:11 pm | Permalink

    We have thrown one pass out of the Wildwhatever. Powell pitched to Beaumont who pitched to Froman who threw a touchdown.

    Sort of proves your point.

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