Day After in Cardinaltown: Bearcats Still Better

Louisville fans — like Coach Charlie Strong — have reason to be pleased with the Cards palpable week to week improvement. But, yes, coach, you gotta win the game.

Anyway, here’s just one reason to be proud of Friday’s effort.

Cincy entered the game with the best rushing defense in the Big East, 8th best in the country, giving up only 84.8 yards/game. The Cards — mostly the incredible Bilal Powell — had 111 in the first quarter. For the game, the total was 228.

Kudos to the right side of U of L’s O line. They gave Powell a lane to run most every time he wanted to.

Here’s more. The Cards forced three turnovers, two picks and fumble, and committed none.

The Cards looked pretty crisp when changing personnel packages and shifting before an offensive play.

The Cards sixth drive of the game, the one that put Louisville up 24-14, was the best of the year. Long, sustained. They converted three times on 3d down.

But, but, but . . . the Cards are still undermanned. Way undermanned. They commit too many penalties. They can’t seem to close the deal when it’s there for the taking. Last night’s game was eminently winnable.

It’s time for the Ws, fellas.

* * * * *

Josh Chichester is an enigma. He reminds me of former tight end, Jose Gonzalez. He catches one. He drops one. He catches one. He drops one. He catches one. He drops one.

* * * * *

School president James Ramsey had a Cardinal tattoo on his cheek.

I’m just not sure if that was kinda cool? Or looked silly?

* * * * *

A source who is part of the program, and has been for quite a while through several coaching regimes, confirms what appears obvious. This year’s staff is “the best we’ve ever had.

“Just look at what’s going on with Florida. We’ve got a bunch of their coaches.”

He also advises that Johnny Patrick’s x-rays and other tests after last night’s injury are negative.

* * * * *

Those new neon advertising strips at PJ’s — get used to ‘em. There are a lot more at the new arena. If only Cards fans could generate as much din as the visual noise.

Actually the crowd was more into the game last night than usual. I was just trying to make funny.

* * * * *

Cincy was wearing their spiffy new technology TECHFIT unis. How come the Cards weren’t?

* * * * *

This one’s for former Louisville Cardinal and current Arizona Cardinal Kerry Rhodes.

Dude, your GF is smokin’ hot.

– Seedy K

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  1. J J
    Posted October 16, 2010 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

    Supposedly, The word is that there is a split in the coaching staff on “THE VILLE” being across the chest. Who really knows.

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