Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections, Week VII

For whom the Fighting Gamecock crows.

Not for me.

I loved that Coach Visor led South Carolina to a stunning and convincing W over the insufferable Crimson Tide. Except for one little personal perspective. I picked Bama to win in this space last week. Had they done that, the kid would have had his third undefeated weekend of the season.

As it is, I went 4-1. So allow me to offer my thanks to splendid Sparty, the rising Razorbacks, Georgia’s Dawgs and the previously winless New Mexico State Aggies.

I am now 24-7 on the year. Were I so successful when dealing with my man Joey the Vig, you wouldn’t have me to kick around anymore.I’d be hangin’ on the beach at St. Bart’s, sipping tropical beverages and working on some skin cancer.

But it’s a new week, and I’m not one to rest on my laurels.

Ohio State @ Wisconsin. The Buckeyes are headed to MadTown, and there isn’t a college football rebel who wouldn’t love to see the Badgers really upset the whole BCS apple cart. A win by the hometowners and the prospect of Oregon and Boise State or TCU battling for the “championship” will cause some seriously tight sphincters in the south and midwest. If only. The Badgers aren’t totally untested with a W over Arizona State and a reasonable effort in East Lansing. Coach Vest’s hard fought win over the U doesn’t seem quite as impressive as it did at the time. Nor frankly was the W in Champaign-Urbana. (I love to write that name.) I’m not sure Ohio State is national favorite worthy. And I’d loooooooove to see them lose. Buuuuut, methinks when midnight strikes, you’ll be hearing plenty of drunken bellows of O*H . . . I*O along the banks of the Olentangy.

Arkansas @ Auburn. Former Heisman candidate Ryan Mallett meet legit Heisman candidate Cam Newton. Now this is a zesty matchup in the land of cotton where old times there are not forgotten. Sooner or later — or, perhaps, not — irascible Bobby Petrino is going to be the cream that rises to the top of college football coaching. (Or, so I have opined on many an occasion.) His Razorbacks had a shot at that statement W over the Tide earlier this year at home, but blew it. Opportunity knocks yet again this weekend. Though Jordan Hare is not exactly the friendly confines. Nobody maligned the hire of Gene Chizik more than I. But Shug Jordan’s smilin’ down. There’s nary an L in sight on Auburn’s record. Nor will there be after this one Saturday.

Pittsburgh @ Syracuse. First, a tip o’ the chapeau to Doug Marrone. (Whose name, if there is any justice, rhymes with “My Sharona.”) The Orange is/are 4-1. Though Ws over the Zips, Black Bears and tooth decay fighting Colgate do not a glossy resume make. But ‘Cuse won at South Florida and is legitimately in the running for Most Improved.  While we should know by now, we don’t, and Dave Wannstedt continues to amaze. Is there a coach that can do less with more? Correct answer: Nobody this side of Joey Meyer. There’s liable to be some legitimate Ben Schwartzwalder-quality game day excitement in the Carrier Dome. It’s a must W for Pitt. Goin’ with my heart, I invoke the Wannstedt Imperative. Syracuse wins.

Western Kentucky @ Louisiana Monroe. I don’t know enough about these teams to even try to make funny. The 2-3 Warhawks are pretty bad, but they have been tested. A schedule that includes Auburn and Arkansas will do that. Willie Taggert’s Toppers are not so stalwart themselves. The school hasn’t won a game since Clem and the Smith brothers suited up. (Oops, wrong sport.) But they have improved in Sun Belt play, after being throttled by some big conference squads. So I say this is the week Western gets off the schneid.

Cincinnati @ Louisville. Charlie Strong is learning what his predecessors already know. Louisville as a football school is a myth. Get to your seats, fans, and stay there and watch the damn game. That said, I heard today from a reliable source that former Card coach John L. Smith advised Strong to build the program here and then stay put. Friday night is his first big test. The 2-3 Bearcats are still an unknown quantity. Their Ws are over Nobody Tech. They hung tough in their losses to the Sooners and Wolfpack.  I’m not sure if the Cards are really ready to bust a move or not? The Memphis State W meant little. But if you think I’d dare pick against my Cardinals, you know nuttin’ honey. Cards W.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted October 13, 2010 at 6:29 pm | Permalink

    Interesting that in doing less with more you bring up Joey Meyer. I don’t disagree but there was another DePaul coach who fits into the same suit as Joey. That would be Pat Kennedy who was a better recruiter than Joey and perhaps a worse coach.

    And John L. telling Charlie Strong to stay at UofL is hysterical when you consider the way he left, not telling anyone (that would include his boss) and the team learning it from its bowl game opponents — during the game!

    We seem to be jinxed at UofL. We have a good coach who then leaves under less than honorable circumstances (John L. and Bobby Pinnochio) or idiots like Krackpipe. Where oh where is Frank Camp? He was class and did lots with little.

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