Ryder Up, Hoops on the Horizon, Pigskin Punditry: Monday Musings

So I’m watching the Ryder Cup a few minutes ago — Not a lot of things better than waking to a live sporting event on the telly with coffee — and there was a momentary power surge.

Which of course reminded me of the last of these events, played at Valhalla, when a lot of the city was still without power. And also reminded me of my father-in-law Jim Marquart, a big golf fan, who passed away that weekend.

The Americans are behind, Jim, probably a little too far to catch up. But Tiger just eagled from the fairway, so he’s starting to find his game again.

* * * * *

U of L’s basketball luncheon is tomorrow.

How will Rick Pitino be greeted? Will he be his usual slightly sardonic self? What can he say to give the Cardinal acolytes hope for the upcoming season?

He will be able to provide some actual insight. Whether he does or not is another story. The NCAA now allows individual practice sessions, and, I believe, some group practice sessions by position. Which is unlike the old days when all that before October 15 was illegal.

* * * * *

Everybody out there paying close attention to the Equestrian Games raise your hands.

Uh, that’s what I thought.

* * * * *

In that Aussie Rules Football Grand Final I mentioned last week, Collingwood ended up as champion with a 52 point W over St. Kilda.

But it came in a replay. Turns out the teams played to a tie the week before. So the teams took the week off and came back and did it again. No tiebreakers. Just replayed the whole game. 100,000 watched the original encounter. Just a few thousand less for the decider.

Think about it. Pittsburgh and New Orleans play to a draw in the Super Bowl. Instead of going to OT, they simply suit up again a week later. Guess the producers would need to have a second half time show in reserve. Otherwise, be still my beating heart, they’d simply play the game without all the hoopla.

Confirming that football players on the other side of the globe aren’t much different from those here, a couple of the Collingwood Magpies are under investigation for sexual assault while celebrating their championship.

* * * * *

In case you missed the latest lesson of Les Miles Mismanagement, which is trumped only by Derek Dooley Dunderheadedness, here’s the video of the end of Saturday’s LSU W over Tennessee.

Somewhere Steve Kragthorpe is saying to himself, “Hey, I could coach in the SEC.”

– Seedy K

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  1. fred
    Posted October 4, 2010 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    I don’t see how Les Miles keeps his job. This is not the first time the clock has been mismanaged at the end of a game by LSU.

    One of the best Ryder Cups in memory. US lost by a 1/2 point. Both sides comported themselves well in the face of the frezny the event provokes. US lost mainly because they could not make putts. That most of those lost opportunities were putts that came up short is a sign, like short free throws, of tentative players. But it’s tough to play on the road.
    I know, however, that you are personally encouraged by the overall performance of your boy, T-Woods.

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