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Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week III

Well, I should be wearing a cast on my right arm. Once the results were in from last weekend, I did a mighty lotta pattin’ myself on the back. For the first time ever, the kid went 5-0 on the weekend. And they weren’t all gimmes either. So, before moving on to Week III with […]

Report Card Tuesday: Bledsoe, Kanter, Pearl, NCAA Flunk; Dieng Incomplete

The Birmingham paper is reporting an apparent discrepancy in Eric Bledsoe’s Algebra grades. Imagine our surprise. Seems he got an A, which made him barely eligible to play last season at UK. But his average scores indicate he should have only received a C. Which would have made him ineligible. Hmmmm. Guess that villain Pete […]

Blazer’s 2d Thoughts, Shanahan’s Stupidity, Lion’s Lame Loss & More: Sunday Snippets

Thanks to the USA’s stunning dominance in the World B-Ball Championships, the world and maybe even the clerks at the NBA store on 5th Ave in NYC now know who is really the best player in the game. LeBron? Tsk, tsk. A poseur. Kobe? Legit choice, but yesterday’s email. Kevin Durant, come on down. The […]

Quack Quakes, Schnell’s Senior Moment, Sooners Soar & More: MMQB (Sunday Style)

Schnell Goes Senile in Motown. On the face of it, FAU’s 17-30 L to Michigan State doesn’t look so bad. Until you read this word for word account from my man Joey the Vig, who was in the house: Your boy Schmellie, was in fine form yesterday. He made one of the most — let […]

Game Day Eve: I Salivate Like Pavlov’s Dog

Here’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Saturday’s lineup of college football games is the best I can ever remember. Including those on New Year’s Day, back in the day when they were a big deal, not a BCS afterthought. Truth be told, the slate is so sumptuous, the kid is thinking of bagging […]

Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week II

The Tally: Uh, not such an auspicious beginning for the kid. I figured Middle Tennessee was a lock. Then again I didn’t do my homework. I failed to realize super duper QB Dwight Dasher was sidelined due to some off the field improprieties involving the alleged appropriation of the bank account of some octogenarian. Then […]

Monday Pigskin: Hokies Go Halloween

It was just yesterday, during a dialog with a loyal reader, when I explained my love for the Oregon Ducks emanates from a fascination with their off the charts uniforms. Always outrĂ©. Always ab fab stylin’. But as I sit and watch Virginia Tech self destruct early in tonight’s opening encounter with Boise State, my […]

Quack Soars, Mallett Moves Chains & BEast Bumbles: MMQB (Sunday Style)

Pitt pulled its usual Wannie On The Wane at Utah. Cincy morphed back to mortal at Fresno. UConn felt the Wrath of Rich Rod in the Bigger House. Cards fell to Cats at the Supersized Pizza Bowl. The Big East has lost it Yarghhh! If it ever had one. Because of TV demographics, the league […]

Joker Grabs 1st Laugh, Strong Survives: Louisville, Kentucky Move On

The best team won. The losing team has reason for some positive thoughts. What more can you ask from a rivalry game that opens the regimes of two new coaches? * * * * * I loved how Joker and the Cats went for it. That Hartline to King forty yarder on the opening play […]

Game Day: Louisville vs. Kentucky

It’s the kind of football Saturday when I’d love to trot out my best Grantland Rice impression. Except I’m not that good. That’s why he was the doyen of American sportswriters and I’m a blogger. Let’s just say it’s Indian Summer crisp out there, a damn near perfect day for an exceptional rendition of a […]