Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week V

Revised 9/29 1:59 p.m.

Well, my two week unbeaten streak ended, with a hearty no thanks to America’s two independent giants. The usedtobe in South Bend. And the wannabe in Provo. Nevada’s W over BYU was out of the blue. Won’t self flagellate for that one. But I have been itchin’ like a mo’ fo’, wearing this hair shirt after picking the Irish. Whatever was I thinking?

But Virginia Tech, Florida and my beloved Quack came through for me.

3 up, 2 down for the week, leaves me with a still glossy 16-5 on the season.

No gimmes this week. Let’s get this party started.

Stanford @ Oregon. Frankly, the Ducks weren’t much in a lackluster W over Arizona State. Of course, it was the rather conservative white unis they were wearing that took them off their feed. (Metaphors this week shall be mixed. Get used to it.) I’m expecting somewhat more sartorial splendoroususness this week. And better play. Stanford is stalwart. How about that Harbaugh going for an extra deuce with The Tree was way up in the second half? Sweet. I’m worried about this game. The Cardinal is old school tough. The Ducks are schizzy, like fowls waiting for the Hong Kong or Peking (Beijing) treatment in the kitchen at Oriental House. But it’s too late to stop now. Quack!!!!!!!

Virginia Tech @ North Carolina State. The Wolfpack is — or should that be the plural, are? — one of the season’s early surprises. At 4-0, they intrigue. (Or should that be, it intrigues?) As Grandma Tillie would say, Ws over Cincy and the Ramblin’ Wreck ain’t exactly chopped liver. (Which phrase I never understood, because I love me some chopped liver now and again.) The Hokies controlled BC last week, shutting them out. But the memory of the Hokies munching Dolly Madison Zingers against hubby’s Dukes in the season’s second weekend still leaves a bad aftertaste. But my gut tells me Beamer knows how to win these kind of games and Tom O’Brien doesn’t. I’m putting my left foot in, doing the Hokey Pokey.

Michigan @ Indiana. There’s a buzz in Bloomington. Tom Crean was seen at Nick’s. Okay, just joking. The Hoosiers are 3-0, 11th in the land in passing yards. QB Ben Chappell has yet to throw a pick. There could be, just might be, perhaps a sold out stadium this Saturday. The Wolverines are also lostless. But Ws over ND and UConn don’t seem quite as monumental as they did before teams actually started playing. Then there’s wünderkind Denard Robinson’s knee. But I’m thinkin’ Rich Rod needs to buildin’ up some goodwill in Ann Arbor before it’s NCAA hammer time. It’s pedal to the metal. Hail to the Victors. And pass the apple butter for the post game Brown County biscuits.

Kentucky @ Ole Miss. The Johnny Rebs lose at The Grove to Jacksonville State, then beat always feisty Fresno State. They beat Tulane on Bourbon Street, but lose to Vandy at home. Can you spell schizophrenic? (Yes, actually I can. And without spellcheck, thank you very much.) Ole Miss has as much ‘splainin’ to do about its up and down season as QB Jeremiah Massoli does about his criminal record. The Cats were throttled relentlessly at Gator World. Nothing new there. But M*I*S*S*I*S*S*I*P*P*I is the kind of conference foe Joker needs to dominate if he wishes a long stay at his alma mammy. Which is to say this is a big game for both Houston Nutt and him. Cue “On, On U of K.” Cats win.

Louisville @ Arkansas State. Is this the proper time to vent because the Kanex®  iAdapt 20 Mini Display Port Adapter To HDMI 1080p Video w/ USB Audio thingamajiggy I purchased ($59.99 + tax), so I could hook my MacBook up to my Panasonic HDTV, so I can watch the Cards on in my TV room instead of just on my computer, doesn’t work right? And because the company’s website has NO TECH SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER, nor has it responded to my email request for help (Ticket # 10860.)? Yes, it is. If I don’t use this bully pulpit for my own personal purposes, why blog? (Update: To be fair, I must advise that Kanex did respond to my tech support request within hours of when they received it. Plus, they did advise of one minor display setting change necessary. It now works like a charm.)

As for the game itself, hmmmm. The Sun Belt’s Red Wolves are 1-3, but 9th in the land in passing yards. U of L’s secondary is well schooled, but consistently a half step slow to make the big pick. Doug Beaumont is out. And neither Harry Douglas nor Deon Branch is walking through that locker room door. The Cards were a vastly improved team against the Beavers weekend before last. But they couldn’t close the deal. With extra time to prepare, they will Saturday in Jonesboro. Now, if only my laptop had a DVI port . . . sigh.

– Seedy K


  1. fred
    Posted September 29, 2010 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

    Were you standing on your left foot when you tried the installation?

  2. Bruce Johnson
    Posted September 30, 2010 at 2:29 pm | Permalink

    Love your articles Seedy K

    Go Cards!

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