Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections, Week IV

Frankly, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on.

In Joey the Vig’s monthly Pick ‘Em Pool, I am mired in mediocrity. And that’s in a situation that could inure to the benefit of my retirement planning. Meaning: A bare bottom line.

Meanwhile here, where these weekly prognostications are truly For Entertainment Purposes Only, I’ve run the table for the second week in a row. Guess I got a Bobcat mascot on my trail.

So, thanks to Rick Neuheisel’s UCLA Bruins who taught Houston a thing or two about the big time, Favre U’s Golden Eagles who grounded the Jayhawks, Auburn who eeeeeeeked one out over Clemson, Hook ‘Em Horns and Smilin’ Bobby P’s Razorbacks. Which 5 Ws puts the kid at 13-3 on the season.

Let’s see if the magic continues?

Stanford @ Notre Dame. Wonder if Brian Kelly’s wondering if he shouldn’t have stayed in the Big Least, where UConn, Louisville and Syracuse on consecutive Saturdays isn’t quite as daunting as Michigan, Michigan State and Stanford? Are the Irish just snake bit, or is the spirit of the Gipper really dead once and for all? I know this: If the Leahys take the field in green, it’ll be a Digger Phelpsish effort to stir the echoes. Meanwhile Andrew Luck and The Cardinal are steamrolling but have this little 3 week jaunt ahead: ND, then Oregon, then Southern Cal. Might The Tree be looking ahead to conference play? Probably not, But Kelly’s gonna get his first signature victory anyway.

Virginia Tech @ Boston College. There are certainly less bucolic places to spend autumn’s first official Saturday than Chestnut Hill. My guess though is that the seriously underwhelming Hokies shan’t be visiting Faneuil Hall during their stay. That W last week against East Carolina doesn’t mean the Techsters are out of Frank Beamer’s doghouse. Last year the Eagles didn’t get their first first down against VT until the 3d quarter. It won’t be so bad this season, Still, the Hokies will have a happy flight back to Blacksburg after capturing the W in their league opener.

Oregon @ Arizona State. Thanks to the good folks at the Duck Store, my supply of Quack clothing has been replenished. I’m expecting big things from Oregon this season. So far those speedy Ducks are averaging 63 points a game. But they haven’t faced a foe quite as ready or as testy as Arizona State. The revenge minded Sun Devils lost to Top 20 Wisconsin by a blocked extra point last week and are mighty mad. Oregon’s Ducks are simply mighty. Quack Attack prevails in Tempe.

Nevada @ Brigham Young. Is Provo the new South Bend? That’s how the Cougars see it. BYU goes independent and the nation’s population of Mormon subway alums goes gaga. BYU has started the season with 3 big time foes, beating Wash U, before falling to Air Force and Florida State. Touchdown Brigham ain’t smilin’. Meanwhile the unheralded Wolf Pack are 3-0 with Ws over Colorado State and Cal the last two weeks, while averaging 50 points a game. So the question is whether the guys from the Biggest Little City are ready for prime time or just another WAC wannabe? Is BYU ready for its own national TV network? I am vexed. Flipping a coin, I say they celebrate at BYU. With milk, cookies and abstinence, of course.

Kentucky @ Florida. Something tells me this isn’t the gimme pick a 2 TD spread would indicate. Florida’s got flaws. Charlie Strong and Timmy T-Bow ain’t walking out of that locker room anymore. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the new QB — Whatsisname? — is pick-less. While most of the Big Blue Nation are queing up for Midnight Madness tickets, the football fans are mildly optimistic that Joker can kick the Cats up a notch. I agree. That said, winning in Gainesville don’t come easy. Or often. Or, for the Cats, yet. But they will cover.

– Seedy K

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