Louisville Cardinals Fall Short; Charlie Stays Strong

This is why I love Charlie Strong and why we know University of Louisville football is in good hands.

The Cards played far and away their best game — at least offensively — since the Orange Bowl season. Twenty point dogs, they lost by a touchdown and conversion to a Top 25 team.

Happy, Charlie?

Coach: “You can’t take satisfaction from this. It’s a loss.”

Ladies and gents, there is indeed a new sheriff in town.

* * * * *

Strong did admit that it was the best offensive display of the year.

Froman actually made some plays. Beaumont, Bellamy, Smith, Graham and even mistake-prone Josh Chichester made some nifty grabs.

They looked like a football team on O.

The special teams gave up way too much. Jacquizz and James Rodgers are fast, shifty and good. But still.

The defense remained agressive and looked really tough at times. But it gave up three easy scores at the end of the 1st and beginning of the 2d halfs. It’s a 60 minute game.

* * * * *

Like coach, I’m not one for moral Ws. Winning the stats is nice, but it’s points on the board that tell the real tale.

That said, it is nice to feel heartened by Louisville’s performance.

Looking to the future, shades are recommended. Let’s hope the Cards don’t get trapped next time out in Jonesboro.

– Seedy K

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