Bulldogs Squeal Like A Pig, Big Least Losers & Mo’: Saturday’s Scoreboard

Another not so big showing in the Big House. Frank Beamer’s doing the Hokey Pokey. Buckeyes and Bama are rollllllin’. Vols and Gators on Rocky Top. Must be the third weekend of the season.

Hand me another brat, and let’s get started.

* * * * *

With hoops, of course. Would you expect anything else?

I’ve got two immediate thoughts about the new U of L schedule.

1) Once again it’s filled with far too many schleppers. For the money Card fans are having to fork over for seats in the new arena, they should be getting more scintillating matchups. Period.

That U of L isn’t at a point it’s being placed in those early season made for ESPN big time matchups is a prime signpost of the program’s less than top shelf status. Which is not what fans were expecting when Rick Pitino was hired.

That the school’s athletic budget is so very dependent on hoops income is simply sad.┬áIt’s time for TJ to be scheduling some name schools out of the conference home and home. Period.

2) Hear me now and believe me later. All the U of L fans that have been carping and cursing and complaining about Ring Road for years are going to be longing for the relatively simple ingress and egress from the fairgrounds after that first exhibition game at the new downtown riverfront arena.

Card fans have been spoiled by close in parking at the fairgrounds and Papa J’s. Now they’re going to experience what it’s like for the rest of the world with urban arenas.

I for one am looking forward to it. I think people will arrive earlier and stay later. Which in the short run is going to be an adjustment, but, in the long run, will be a benefit.

Not to mention there’s an Impellizzeri’s opening across the street. World’s best pizza to compliment that boffo new b-ball palace.

* * * * *

Cincy Bearcat football fans: Now you know what it feels like to be Kragthorped!

Not so much fun, is it?

* * * * *

As for the rest of this forlorn football league . . . well . . . it’s not the best of times.

West Virginia’s W over woeful Maryland means I won a buck from my pal Dave. He put his money on the premise that the Big Least wouldn’t get one win on the season over a BCS school from another conference.

UConn lost to former league member Temple by two touchdowns. Cincy looked awful, losing to mediocre North Carolina State team. Louisville has a tough row to hoe in Beaverland. Who knows if ‘Cuse is ready for Maine’s Black Bears?

* * * * *

Bobby Petrino’s Razorbacks looked, for a half, as if Coach Curmudgeon’s program had finally turned the corner. Then they lost their squeal, spit out the bit — choose your metaphor — and let Georgia catch up.

Then they went Wooooooooooo Pig Soooooooooooooooooey. Ryan Mallett sped them down the field in five plays to score the winning TD with :15 on the clock.

That said, I’m not sure this Razorback team is as good as Petrino’s Orange Bowl champs here at U of L. But Arkansas is a lot better than the Cards are now.

* * * * *

The Reds magic number remains at 10.

Reds’ fans have serious bed bugs in the britches.

Can they really blow it? Lord, I hope not.

* * * * *

Matt Simms just threw a pick in the endzone.

Wonder what he’d look like under center in red & black?

We’ll never know that.

* * * * *

Speaking of Rocky Top . . . why is Bruce Pearl still on the payroll?

– Seedy K

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