Wannstedt Whiffs, Kiffin A Happy Haole, Blue Raiders True To Color: Opening Night Observations

Sometime early in Pitt’s sure thing loss to Utah, my pal Dave reminded me that Panther QB Tino Sunseri was once a future U of L Cardinal.

Which became a burr in my slippers as he lead Pitt back from the dying to tie the game late and send it into overtime. Which irritation was soothed when he threw a stupid interception on the first play of OT, allowing the Utes to win it with a field goal.

Speaking of which, how about that ending of regulation. With :03 on the clock,  Pitt had a 30 yarder for three to tie.

Dan Hutchins’ kick is good. OT. Oops, wait a sec. Utah coach Kyle Whittingham tried to ice the kid with a TO.

Rekick. It’s up. No good. No good. Utah wins. Oops, wait a sec. Utah coach Kyle Whittingham tried to ice the kid again with an OT. The Big Easters stayin’ alive.

Third time was a charm for Hutchins. He eeked the pigskin through the goal posts on the Brooklyn side to send the game to extra innings. As Meat Loaf would sing: 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

The bottom line is this. Dave Wannstedt is still Dave Wannstedt. Which is a good thing for the rest of the Big East. His team may win the league, but will never be as dominant as it should be given his recruiting and talent level.

* * * * *

Louisville fans should also be happy that the Cards don’t have to play Middle Tennessee again. Though the Blue Raiders came up short against big and brawny Minnesota, they’re still a feisty squad.

The loss of QB Dwight Dasher, charged with defrauding an 80 year old out of $1500, didn’t derail the MT O very much at all. Out weighed almost 70 lbs a man on the line, the guys from Murfreesboro simply wore down.

* * * * *

But here’s one thing that should vex Cardinal fans. Lou Holtz put the hex on U of L, picking them to beat UK in former Holtz assistant Charlie Strong’s first game as Cards head coach. For a profile of Strong by yours truly, click here.

* * * * *

Lane Kiffin, the coach we all love to hate, escaped with a W in his first game leading the Southern Cal Outlaws.

49-36 over a way overmatched Hawaii squad is not exactly a resounding debut. But, hey, a W under the tiki torches at Aloha Stadium is a W. Keep the lei as a souvenir, grab another mai tai and move on to the next one.

* * * * *

And how about The Schnell’s Fighting Owls?

Florida Atlantic rallied from 16 down in legendary Legion Field against UAB, to take a 32-31 lead with a little more than two minutes to play. Then blocked a last second field goal to preserve the upset W.

Next up for The Schnell and his valiant victorious victors, The Infidels from the South against the Spartans. It’s the Florida Atlantic home game against Michigan State in Detroit.

– Seedy K

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    Pre “Bat out of Hell” Mr. Aday was pretty good in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Of course he did get killed off but so did Butch and Sundance.

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