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Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week V

Revised 9/29 1:59 p.m. Well, my two week unbeaten streak ended, with a hearty no thanks to America’s two independent giants. The usedtobe in South Bend. And the wannabe in Provo. Nevada’s W over BYU was out of the blue. Won’t self flagellate for that one. But I have been itchin’ like a mo’ fo’, […]

Tide Rolls, Wolf Pack Howls, Big LEast Disappears: MMQB (Afternoon Edition)

Good Morning class, pop quiz. Okay, it’s afternoon already. Teacher’s been busy. There’s a quiz anyway. Anybody know who John Marinatto is? Raise your hand. Okay, one of you, the Phil Steele wannabe in the back of the room. Indeed, Bronco, he’s the commissioner of the Big Least. To say he’s not a happy camper […]

Petrino Punctuates, Simms Soars, Theory Thwarted: Pigskin Punditry

So Bobby “It’s All His Fault” Petrino starts out today’s big game against #1 Alabama — he coaches at Arkansas now, you know — with two pass plays oh so familiar to Louisville fans. The first: 31 yards and first down. The second: touchdown. 7 zip. The Louisville Petrino Era is all over now, but […]

Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections, Week IV

Frankly, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on. In Joey the Vig’s monthly Pick ‘Em Pool, I am mired in mediocrity. And that’s in a situation that could inure to the benefit of my retirement planning. Meaning: A bare bottom line. Meanwhile here, where these weekly prognostications are truly For Entertainment Purposes Only, I’ve run […]

Computer Only Cards

If I correctly read the press release from the U of L football office today, the Arkansas State game a week from Saturday will be available for viewing at only. No WHAS. No WBKI. No home TV of any sort. Computer only. How odd. I don’t understand how this could benefit Louisville at all. […]

Wildcats Respond, Massoli Misses, Quacks Soar & Much Much More: MMQB (Sunday Style)

Not that he’s resentful or anything like that, but Phil Fulmer is gobsmacked, he says, absolutely gobsmacked that Lane Kiffin, arrogant as he is, has gotten jobs at both Tennessee and Southern Cal. And the dethroned Rocky Top coach used the CBS halftime show to air his reasoned and objective opinion. Ah, autumn in the […]

Louisville Cardinals Fall Short; Charlie Stays Strong

This is why I love Charlie Strong and why we know University of Louisville football is in good hands. The Cards played far and away their best game — at least offensively — since the Orange Bowl season. Twenty point dogs, they lost by a touchdown and conversion to a Top 25 team. Happy, Charlie? […]

Louisville Cardinals @ Oregon State: 1st Half Observations

This broadcast crew — I believe they are from Fox Sports NW — is easily the worst in the history of television. Uncle Miltie Berle could do a better job calling this game. And he’s been dead for years. Note to TV Production Crew: I understand those African Americans with shaved heads all look alike. […]

Bulldogs Squeal Like A Pig, Big Least Losers & Mo’: Saturday’s Scoreboard

Another not so big showing in the Big House. Frank Beamer’s doing the Hokey Pokey. Buckeyes and Bama are rollllllin’. Vols and Gators on Rocky Top. Must be the third weekend of the season. Hand me another brat, and let’s get started. * * * * * With hoops, of course. Would you expect anything […]

Smarmballs In The Spotlight

If you come here often, you know how I often do. State an issue that needs to be discussed — or, at least, I want to discuss — then make some vague reference to a pop song, plug in the You Tube video, concoct the cross cultural connection then rave on with a crazy feeling. […]