Strong’s Smarts, Holmgren’s Blunder & Other Tuesday Tidbits

One of Charlie Strong’s most engaging character traits is that he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Except as it directly impacts his team’s play on the field.

Asked at the media day press conference if there would be a change in uniforms, the coach looked at the questioner somewhat incredulously and said, in essence, I can’t be bothered with things like that.

Asked at his press conference yesterday his opinion of playing Louisville’s arch rival as an opener, the coach said, in essence, it doesn’t matter when you play them.

Louisville fans seem to have taken to the UK game as the season opener. It’s how The Schnell conceived the whole affair, after all. Plus it does add to the excitement of fall’s first kickoff. Thus the Cardinal Nation was peeved when the Boys in Blue moved the Lexington games back a few weeks, when the last contract was negoitated between the contentious contenders.

I like the game as the opener. Imagine your surprise.

Thus I’d like to point out that it’s not the only rivalry game this first weekend of the season. Illinois and Missouri meet in the Border War. And Colorado and Colorado State match up, as they usually do early.

* * * * *

As if the Red and Blue fanbases didn’t have enough already to argue about, now there’s the he say she say over whether UK’s ticket office returned some of the school’s allotment to U of L.

U of L says it did. UK’s ticket office admitted it. At least, according to one message board poster.

Some UK fans don’t believe the ticket office would send any back when there was a clamor for the ducats. Others claim they asked the school’s ticket office for tickets and told there were none. The one fan who says UK admitted to him that they sent tickets back posted that in a thread at

Which thread was dismissed by many since the poster “only had fifty posts.”

It is truly time to settle this year’s renewal on the field. Saturday can’t get here soon enough for most fans.

* * * * *

Mike Holmgren might have dialed up The Rick before acting, after he became large and in charge of the rebuilding yet again Cleveland Browns.

There is only one true face of the Browns and that’s Jim Brown, considered by many the greatest running back of all time, and by others as the greatest player of all time.

Brown played on Cleveland’s last championship, sometime back in the days of Theodoric of Yorick. And has been an advisor to the team, as well as the face of it.

Until Holmgren eliminated the position. Which move has caused no little consternation in the Town LeBron Scorned.

It’s kind of like what happened when Rick Pitino took over the Celtics and relieved a similar icon, Red Auerbach, of his duties. Beantown hasn’t been especially fond of the The Rick since.

A Holmgren phone call to Pitino might have saved him a little misery and lots of bad PR.

* * * * *

COMING SOON: Either later today or tomorrow, my first weekend college pigskin prognostications. Okay, you can exhale now.

– Seedy K

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