Monday Moanin’ QB: I Got Questions

Charlie Strong and Joker Phillips are both having their first regular Monday pressers of the season in advance of Saturday’s opener.

Wonder if there’s ballcap or other school paraphernalia some feisty scribe or talking head or voice could wear that would get them banned permanently from the premises?

I’m wearing my Monroe (Wisconsin) H.S. Cheesemakers t-shirt. I figure I’m safe.

* * * * *

How did that old elitist shibboleth go?

Elite college football schools only play on Saturday. Just the way Knute Rockne meant for it be. Only the wannabes play during the week, it was proselytized.

Well, imagine my surprise to see this season’s Thursday night schedule. It’s littered with the likes of, ahem, Ohio State, Nebraska, Auburn, Miami, Pitt, Texas A & M, UCLA, Oregon, Florida State, Virginia Tech and a kinda football power they call the Crimson Tide.

Guess those Saturday afternooners aren’t’ so sacrosanct anymore, now that Big Money is in town.

* * * * *

Wasn’t Josh Chichester supposed to be the next big thing? What’s he doing deep down in the depth chart at TE?

* * * * *

A fan asked me the other day what I think the over/under is for the first coach being fired in season?

Truth is that’s a new phenomena.

But I’ll take the bait (Though I’m not laying any moolah down with Joey the Vig on this).

Three weeks and four days from the opening kickoff Thursday night.

And it won’t be Rich Rod or Les Miles or Lane Kiffin. Dark horse candidate: Rick Neuheisel.

* * * * *

UK or U of L — first team to change QBs without injury being a factor?

Cats are less than even money to win this one.

* * * * *

How about that career move of Ron English?

Eastern Michigan pulled an ofer last season. 0-12 on the campaign.

Expert Extraordinaire Phil Steele projects this bottom line for the Eagles. “EM could be an underdog in all 12 games this year, and while much stronger, may not improve much in the win column.”


* * * * *

Anybody got a clue where Claude Bassett is, please advise. An inquiring wise guy needs to know.

– Seedy K

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