Tailgate Tattle: Six Days to Kickoff

Why There Will Be A College Football Playoff. Frankly it no longer matters what Nick Saban thinks, or Jim Delaney thinks, or any of the many BCS apologists think, there will be college football playoff within a decade. Probably sooner.

The reason: ESPN.

It’s that simple.

This year, there will be 35 bowl games, starting on December 18, 2010 with “classics” in Albuquerque, Boise and New Orleans, and ending with the “national championship” game in Glendale, Arizona on January 10, 2011. El Paso’s Sun Bowl will again be on CBS. The Cotton Bowl will be on Fox.

The other 33 are controlled by ESPN. (Two of those will be on ABC, but it’s the same thing.)

You know what Lester said in “The Wire”: “Follow the money.” Dylan put it this way: “Money doesn’t talk/ It swears.”

Or, as one of the Mad Men might have coined: “Money Talks, Nobody Walks.”

In another year or two, after Notre Dame decides to join the Big 10,11,12,13+, or Big East, after the rest of the conference shakedown shakes out, the Beast from Bristol will be able to convince the most powerful guys standing that a playoff will mean mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.

It won’t matter what those former jayvees in their orange blazers who get to travel the country “scouting” teams during the season think. It won’t matter that there will be less moolah for charities in Shreveport and Miami. All the bowls will survive in one manner or another.

But, mark my words, there WILL be a playoff. And the rich shall inherit the turf.

* * * * *

Somewhat Interesting Tidbit. Stanford’s outstanding QB Andrew Luck is the son of Oliver Luck, who happens to be the AD at West Virginia.

* * * * *

The Real Break Through School? Boise State and T.C.U. are the au courant Flavors of the Month. The question is whether either or both will continue to ride with the big boys, now that they are caught in the spotlight?

If so, the Mountain West will soon enough be considered a super conference. And won’t that be refreshing. (Then maybe Insight will be forced to give us Versus in HD. And wouldn’t that be refreshing!) Even if BYU does take an adios from the league, committing  the biggest blunder in college pigskin since Howard Schnellenberger left Miami for a pro job that never materialized.

If not, it’ll be so long it’s been good to know ya. But I’m guessing the Mormons stay put.

I’m guessing that Boise State is the more vulnerable passing fancy.

Maybe it’s that blue field, the charm of which has long since worn off. Maybe it’s the reality that, in the long run, it’s gonna be difficult to recruit to Potato Country the star prepsters necessary to maintain a Top 10 program.

Then again, I might be totally wrong. (It’s gotta happen sometime, even I admit that.)

T.C.U.’s rise back to the top is based on defense. They’ve been #1 nationally four times this decade. And as even the right coast media is beginning to discover, football in the Mountain West is legit.

One guy’s opinion: The Purple will be around longer at the top. They’ve got a great and unique nickname, the Horned Frogs. They’ve been there before. Slingin’ Sammy Baugh and all that. Texas is fertile football ground.

* * * * *

This Season’s Humpty Dumpty. The team that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put together again will be (Trumpet flourish please): Cincinnati.

Here’s a school with no appreciable football tradition whatsover. And don’t give me that Sid Gillman crap. It lucked out when hiring Brian Kelly. But the current coaching staff reminds of Ron Cooper’s at U of L. There is no experience at major national contender level.

The Bearcat defense sucks.

Brian Kelly isn’t walking through that door again.

Savor the last two seasons, Cincy fans, it’s sayonara to the glory days.

* * * * *

Seedy K’s 2010 Favorite Football Questions To Be Answered.

1. Is this the year Bobby Petrino gits ‘er done at Arkansas?

2. Will Georgia’s Fulmer Cup Trophy translate into on field success? In other words, is the Pakistani Graduate Student Theory still vaild?

3. Who will have a better season: Southern Cal or Tennessee?

4. How improved will UK and U of L be?

5. Can Oregon’s unis get even more outrĂ©?

6. Will Rich Rodriguez be coaching in Ann Arbor a year from today?

7. What team we’re not talking about now will break through to the BCS?

8. What will be the attendance on December 30 in balmy Yankee Stadium when the Big East’s 4th best team faces the Big 12, 11, 10′s 7th best team?

* * * * *

All of which is to say, I’m ready for kickoff.

– Seedy K

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