Coach Quote is Ready!! SchnellSpeak: 08/29/10

Frankly I’m expecting big things from The Schnell this season. His verbosity is already in mid-season form, and opening kickoff of FAU vs. UAB is still days away.

Meteorologist Schnell on practicing yesterday, and how it should help this coming weekend: “Twelve a’ clock on a Saturday afternoon is a pretty hot time of the day. But, it was a hot and that’s good because it got us up a good sweat.

“I’ve been to Birmingham, Alabama at one o’clock, four o’clock and at seven o’clock and during all the games we played there when I was a youngster, it was very hot.”

Discussing David Muniz, who had to sit out last season because of academics, NASA Schnell had this to say: “He’s doing quite well. He’s been here a long time training. He’s almost like an astronaut – now he’s ready for his first voyage and first mission.”

Such is the mind of this coaching genius that his pontifications sometimes become indecipherable. The Stephen Hawking Schnell on ?????: “I am concerned about the ones who have been here for every practice and every snap. For that reason I will keep that in my mind as I  prepare for the balance of the time we have to get ready.”

While the coach is obviously ready to go, he’s not sure which of his charges will get the most playing time. So we close with Mad Scientist Schnell’s assurance it will all become clear: “It is all a mirage right now and the mirage will dilate into a picture by Thursday.”

– Seedy K

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  1. Stephen
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    The quote machine makes a long day better.

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