Kragthorpe, Crean, Cats & Cards Go Kerthunk

Just yesterday I blogged that I would mention Steve Kragthorpe no more in this space. It is my intention to do just that.

After, that is, this one last rant in hopes of purging myself of the dismay over Kragthorpe’s virulent three year tenure as U of L’s coach. Upon the completion of which projectile venting, I/we hopefully shall be able to move on, and enjoy the professionalism and, hopefully, success of the new regime.

I’m more incensed than ever after reading C.L. Brown’s excellent and measured account in this morning’s C-J of how Kragthorpe blew the redshirt year for freshmen Mark Wetterer and Greg Tomczyk with a couple of plays in a meaningless season opening blowout of Murray St. What on earth could he have been thinking?

Or, to paraphrase the old Neil Young tune, “Did he think at all?”

I’m especially pissed at myself for having cut SK some slack after his resignation press conference last fall. In retrospect, that was as fraudulent as everything else about his tenure here.

Not only was he an awful football coach, he was also a poor disciplinarian. And did little to mentor his charges regarding the importance of their education.

He ran off Matt Simms, who is going to start, it appears, in the SEC this season. And Anthony Allen, now starring at Georgia Tech. When Laterrius Thomas transfered to follow his defensive coach to Eastern Michigan, Kragthorpe wouldn’t give the kid his release. Even though Kragthorpe had done that exact same thing when he was in college. following a favored coach from one school to another.

Steve, can you spell d*u*p*l*i*c*i*t*y?

Let me make one thing clear. Kragthorpe was a legitimate hire. He certainly looked like a football coach. And he could coachspeak with the best of them.

But in the end, he turned out to be the Wizard of Oz. Which, the more I think of it, is giving SK too much credit. At least that fraud in Emerald City, come out from behind his curtain, actually helped Dorothy’s pals.

I know most of this is simply a rehash. But I needed to purge.

And that’s all I’m going to say about He Whose Name Shall Never Be Mentioned Again.

* * * * *

UK and IU released their basketball schedules.

Looks like Tommy Crean attained his Masters Degree at The Rick Pitino School of Scheduling.

N.C. Central. Savannah State. Mississippi Valley State. Northwestern State. SIU-Edwardsville. Geesh.

Please tell me Florida Gulf Coast is a vacation, not an actual opponent. Or at least an exhibition game.

Kentucky, on the other hand, plays a Denny Crum schedule. Only a couple of rummies are mixed in with Carolina, Notre Dame, U of L, legit Maui opponents and IU.

Louisville’s hoops schedule hasn’t been released yet. I’m told the Cards might be contesting as many as 22 games in the Yum! Center, including two exhibitions.

* * * * *

The Cards hoops fortunes took an official major hit this morning.

It’s long been known that hot shot recruit Justin Coleman didn’t make grades. Today it was confirmed that Memphis State transfer Roburt Sallie was not able to transfer “due to the timing requirements of meeting the matriculation deadline for graduate school.”

Which developments, on paper at least, leave the Cards without a badly needed scoring threat.

– Seedy K

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