Roundball, Rondo, Runoffs, Rum & Pigskin Roundup

Rajon Returns Home. My pal Mark — He’s my NBA go to guy — chastised me for not weighing in more on the USA hoops squad’s path to the World Championships. That’s what they’re contesting in Turkey, right?

The emergence of Durant. Coach K deep sixing our homie. Etc, etc.

I’m sure I’ll tune in if and when the games are televised. Assuming they’re being played at a reasonable hour.

As for Rondo not making the team . . . eh! What’s the big deal? I was passed over at editor of the Atherton Aerial, and look at me now. Okay, that’s not an apt comparison.

Truth is Rondo will be fine. He along with everybody else realizes he needs a jump shot. That flaw in his game is, for some reason, especially detrimental when it comes to international play. Besides his style, which is a glove fit for the Celtics, didn’t seem quite right for this all-star squad. And the team will be okay too.

Unless the dearth of quality pivot play becomes its undoing.

* * * * *

New Year’s Eve Warning. I can tell you this about that evening. The Film Babe and I will be staying home. It won’t be any night to be on the road.

Cards and Cats play at noon.

Which means one fan base will be happy. And drunk. And the other fan base will be mad. And drunk.

Feathers, fur and alcohol. A dichotomy of extreme emotions. It’s not a good mix.

* * * * *

QB3. A week from Saturday, Froman will be under center at the start for the Cardinals. Hartline for the Cats. Just as we figured.

I’m a bit more surprised by Joker’s choice than Charlie Strong’s. Hartline’s only advantage over his competition is that he’ll be less inclined, because of experience, to make mistakes. That’s hardly a ringing endorsement for the lad. In a rivalry game like this, it seems that you want somebody who will go for it.

Guess not.

Froman is no surprise. Strong mentioned his name early and often as far back as the spring. What else wouldn’t surprise me would be Will Stein securing the back up role. Those whose opinions I trust, who also saw a lot of spring practice, say he moved the team better than Burke. Or Froman, for that matter. And the kid has a cannon for an arm.

Guess Charlie’s not enough of a Doug Flutie fan to go with the Trinity grad from the get go.

And, how about former Cardinal, Matt Sims? Looks like the Kragthorpe castoff is going to be starting in the SEC, where smoking a joint every once in awhile isn’t cause for termination from the squad with extreme prejudice.

Last Allusion to Kragthorpe (I really hope). Anthony Allen.

The Joey the Vig Thing. Sent my picks for September, college and pro, into Mr. Vig yesterday.

I previously mentioned that Virginia Tech over Boise State was my equivalent of what Paul Hornung used to call — and maybe still does — his Unbuckle of the Week.

Here’s one more tease for you. I like Fresno State over Cincy.

New Bearcat mentor Butch Jones was most successful at his previous stop. Though that was in a lesser conference. Cincy’s been boffo the last two season, but the coach moved on to greater glories (hopefully). The players seem a might cocky because of recent successes.

It just all sounds sooooooooo familiar. Like, well, you know . . . (See previous paragraph. In which I lied when I said it was the last allusion to Louisville’s last coach.)

I’m goin’ with the guys from Cali.

And, on each Friday of the season, I’ll be picking five games, for your bemusement and pleasure.

Where are they now? Not sure why but several pigskin aficionados have inquired about Claude Bassett’s whereabouts?

Dunno. Like Humpty Dumpty, the larger than life former recruiting coordinator at UK under Hal Mumme, he has fallen off the wall. Apparently he was D Coordinator at Seguin H.S. in Texas last season. (At least according to the reliable John Clay.) But doesn’t appear to be there this season. Neither Google nor all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can seem to track down the guy.

FYI. Hal Mumme starts his third season as coach at McMurray U., a Division III school in Abilene, Texas. Mumme’s first squad went 0-10, but improved to 4-6 last year.

– Seedy K

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