SchnellSpeak: 08/25/10

As previously reported, Coach Howard Schnellenberger has discontinued his August three-a-day practices, and broken camp. The team is now focusing solely on UAB, the FAU Fighting Owls’ first opponent.

Not surprisingly, The Schnell was optimistic, flourishing florid phrasing and redundant:

“This being the first official day of preparation for the opening ballgame, the kids took on a new joy practicing football. Recognizing we have a long way to go in preparation for our opponent, we are encouraged about this first day of preparation.”

Coach Quote is starting to sort through who will get playing time:

“We are encouraged. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. More injured players are returning to the roster than are leaving the roster. It’s hard to hypothesize about who will be ready to go, but as we get closer to the game we’ll know better.”

– Seedy K

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