Get Your Game Face On, Planet Pigskin!

Brett Favre is in camp, which can only mean one thing. The season is half over.

Oops, not so this time around. But kickoff is just days away now. And Seedy K, for one, is READY.

* * * * *

Which is apparently not the case for the Rebels of my alma mammy, J.M. Atherton High School.

Seems my boys took it on the chin last night in the Dairy Queen Bowl played in Henry County.

Final tally: Atherton 7, Franklin County 75.


Which leads me to ask the same question I pose every season. Is it necessary that every school of a certain size in Jefferson County, or the commonwealth, field a football team?

* * * * *

Anybody seen a starting QB out there? If so, please advise.

I keep shaking my head at the similarities between UK and U of L heading into the season.

New coaches. Little depth. Lots of questions. Curious but enthusiastic fan base.

And no starting quarterback with less than two weeks until kickoff.

I know for a fact that both Charlie Strong and Joker Phillips would have liked for one of their signal callers to blast to the top of the depth chart by now. But it hasn’t happened.

Which means intuition and pigskin IQ are going to be important factors at decision time. Which has to be soon, right?

The smart money says Hartline and Froman. But neither is better than even money.

Who you got?

* * * * *

The September ballot for Joey the Vig’s Pick Em Pool is staring me in the face.

Not an easy match up in the bunch.

Minnesota at Middle Tennessee. Northwestern at Vandy. UConn at Michigan. Pitt at Utah. Boise St vs. Virginia Tech.

And those are only some of the first weekend encounters.

I’m already on record about that last one. I’m down with the Hokies. Something tells me the Broncos knees might get a little wobbly now that they’re in the spotlight from the get go.

Coming up soon — I know you’re waiting with baited breath — my take on the Cats vs. Cards.

* * * * *

Real quick, here are five story lines I’ll be following closely (More to follow in more depth in the days to come):

1. What gorgeous new unis my Oregon Ducks can come up with? Know my “I Love My Ducks” t-shirt is washed and ironed and ready to be worn at the first sign The Quack has survived the Masoli dismissal to stay among the nation’s elite.

2. Whether Brian Kelly can work his magic at Notre Dame as he has for the last six seasons, three at Central Michigan, three at Cincy? Know that his in your face arrogance which wore reasonably well in the Queen City where there was no football tradition will be insufferable should there be success in South Bend.

3. Whether Dave Wannstedt, with a string of boffo recruiting classes, can finally turn Pitt’s Panthers into a legit national contender? Know you can get good odds that it ain’t ever gonna happen.

4. Whether a team for some conference other than the SEC can win the BCS title? Know that the most respected authority in college pigskin — Phil Steele not Beano Cook — picks Oklahoma to prevail.

5. Whether Southern Cal and Tennessee will become entrenched in mediocrity as oh so many of us would like?

Plus One: 6. How much U of L will be improved? Know that Seedy K’s drunk the Kool Aid and believes it will be vast, if not enough for a winning campaign.

– Seedy K


  1. Michael
    Posted August 22, 2010 at 6:46 pm | Permalink

    Anyone think that one or both coaches already know who will be their QB on opening day, but are keeping it hush to keep the guy on the opposing sideline guessing?

  2. cbcard
    Posted August 22, 2010 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

    Atherton has a football team?

    I yearn for the 1959-60 team that finished ranked third in the state. The one with 140 pound Ronnie Barrett at center. The one whose backfield outweighed the line. By a lot.

    The one whose coach became an FBI agent. The one that won a bowl game beating Somerset in something perhaps called the Exposition Bowl.

    The one who won more games in a season than the new Atherton wins in a decade.

    That team!

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