Sypher Guilty, Pitino Out of Town, Jurich Supportive but Feisty, Fans Nasty

Karen Sypher was found guilty by a jury in Federal Court today of six counts of Extortion and Lying to Federal Agents.

* * * * *

According to U of L spokesman Kenny Klein, Pitino is out of town, and is unlikely to make a statement regarding the verdict.

Tom Jurich met the media in the wake of the verdict. He said he had not talked with either Rick Pitino or school president James Ramsey today.

He was fully supportive of Pitino, though he seemed tense and feisty when peppered with questions about the situation.

When asked about sentencing, Jurich said, “I wish I was judge.” As for what he would do about that phase of the proceedings, Jurich asked, “What’s the maximum?”

U of L’s AD said he was shocked at both the fact that Sypher didn’t testify, as well as the nature of her defense. Jurich called the theory that Tim Sypher was behind it all “preposterous.”

He started his remarks by lamenting the damage done to “the Sypher family” and “the Pitino family.”

“I don’t view anything today as a win.”

Confirming that this spring the school extended Pitino’s contract through 2017, he called the Cardinal basketball coach, a “grand ambassador for the athletic program.”

* * * * *

Local reaction toward Karen Sypher after the verdict, at least in one quarter, was virulent.

A sampling of posts on Facebook indicated the disregard many hold for the convicted woman.

One referred to her as “‘Lips’ Sypher.” Another as a “pathetic wretch.”

“I’m waiting for the headline, ‘Sypher Goes Down . . .’”

“There’s a good chance she slept with one of the jurors.”

“Proof in life, you get what you’ve got coming to you.”

* * * * *

So much of this makes me, a big U of L fan, very sad.

That a high profile personality like Rick Pitino would allow himself to become a philanderer.

That the school’s athletic program would have to deal with this Beyond the Valley of the Dolls situation.

That Karen Sypher’s personality would evolve to the point where she felt her only way of making it in life was through sexual favors. That her delusions about this situation became so manifest, she became incapable of making reasoned decisions about her future.

That a young child will have no mother during her formative years.

That society would view Sypher’s foibles with such disdain and a total lack of compassion. How many guys out there, calling her a “whore” or “skank” or worse this afternoon, would have sex with her? Tonight. And brag about it tomorrow.

Make no mistake, Karen Sypher is a criminal. I truly believe she needs to be punished accordingly.

Yet somehow I can’t help believing there are a lot victims here. Sypher. Pitino. The University. And all of us in the community who have become obsessed with such an untoward interlude.

There were no winners today.

– Seedy K

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