Wednesday:The Good, Bad & Ugly

☹ Doing serious exercise outside in heat like this afternoon is simply stupid. But, hey, I’ve done it. I jogged — if that’s what you call my trundle — at this time of day just last week in similar heat. So that’s not the point of my rant, though probably it should be.

It’s about the guy I’ve seen running in Cherokee Park in the heat of the afternoon several times during this heat wave. Wearing a black hat to absorb the heat. Carrying a couple of big water containers in his arms to aid weight. And adorned in a fleece pullover with a hood.

Nice work, Macho Dude, we’re really impressed by what a manly man’s man you must be.

✔ Let’s hear it for my man, FC Barcelona captain Carles Puyol, who headed in the winner in Spain’s 1-0 victory over Germany to advance to the World Cup Final on Sunday against The Netherlands.

The Spaniards ran their Ray Mears offense. Lots of passing. Lots and lots of passing. Very deliberate. Very effective.

The Germans were on the defensive most of the day, rarely mounting any viable counter attacks. Given that this was the exact same result as in the last European championship, one supposes it’s an accurate measure of the teams.

The Spanish W assures there will be a first time champion.

✘ Is it any wonder that 17 year old high schoolers call press conferences to announce where they are going to attend college to play sports?


Of all the absurdities that abound in the major commerce that is now Big Time Sports, none matches a prime time hour long TV show on ESPN for the purpose of He Who Wishes He Were King LeBron announcing where he will play basketball for the next few years.

✘ Mike Garrett is apparently still athletics director at Southern Cal. There are reports that he had to apologize to several schools he had claimed were tampering with some of his Trojan footballers. Look who’s posturing on the high ground.

The only thing I can figure out is that Garrett has photos of the Southern Cal president in flagrante delicto with a sheep or something. It’s the only reasonable explanation. Otherwise, Garrett would have been shown the door months ago, given the wild and wooly ethos of USC sports.

☹ What on earth was Bobby Gonzalez thinking?

✘ If Eric Bledsoe’s relatives and close family friends paid his mom’s rent after they moved to a new school district in high school, how come those folks took so long to come out and say it?

✎ Vote for Joey Votto.

☂ Has Pete Rose been vacationing in Japan? There’s a gambling scandal in the world of sumo wrestling.

– Seedy K

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